Crank up the volume. But it's the best KELO blooper EVER!

It's about 15 years old. so you'll have to forgive the poor quality and the low volume. But I think it's the all-time funniest KELOLAND blooper ever.

Angela Kennecke talks about the sad passing of the president's mom after he lost to Clinton. Except... that's not quite the video that's playing in the background.


Anonymous said…
Poor Steve, he didn't know what to do! He cringed but knew he shouldn't make a sound!
Anonymous said…
Okay, it is a good one. But it is old. How about new stuff from the media -- like the RCJ thing you have been promising????
Anonymous said…
That just made my day.
Mimi said…
This was not a true blooper, it was a vast left-wing conspiracy. The dems were behind this and are just waiting until next Tuesday to do something like this again to George W. What do you think Carrie Underwood would say about this clip? I say we find a way to use it in that effort against PETA..
Anonymous said…
You always wonder if that was a true mistake or someone in the control room having a little fun.
Anonymous said…
Don't you think that "kind of fun" would cost them their job - politics aside-

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