The whole enchilada of TV ads

The Rounds campaign sent out an e-mail update this am with links to all of their campaign commercials this season.
Hometown Hero
Doing Their Job
Adams Thermal
Where They Live
Risk Pool
The Real Deal
I'd upload them to youtube so I could have the cool little windows on the website, but I need to get to work. Check them out yourself by clicking on the links!


Anonymous said…
Wow- these are good!
Anonymous said…
If you listen to the democrat rhetoric you would think the world is coming to an end. These ads are a nice reminder of how good things really are in SD. Billion critices Rounds for not living in reality. I think it is Billion who is not living in reality. The economy in SD is very strong- too bad the dems won't admit it. I am tired of them talking down our state.
Publisher said…
Yes the economy is so good that we are 50th in income. It's so good that college graduates cross state lines for jobs.
Just what state are you anonymous peole living in? Confusion perhaps?
Anonymous said…
Actually Jerald, we are #1 in the nation for per capita personal income growth over the past 3 years. You are just looking at wages, which doesn't include income for anyone who is self employed (i.e. anyone who runs a business or farm).
Anonymous said…
This looks like a push for 2008.
Publisher said…
In Sioux Falls the per capita income may be growing. Huron is begging DM&E and other outfits to come into their town.
Anonymous said…
Actually, Jerald, my state of Colorado is rather jealous of SoDak's unemployment rate. And our income growth rate is only four percentage points behind yours.

Not bad for a state that is, shall we say, non-diverse.

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