Senate Pressing ahead on Sutton Allegations

The Argus Leader is reporting this morning that the Legislature's Executive board is moving forward on investigating the Sutton allegations by requesting information from the Attorney General:
The decision to subpoena the attorney general's investigation is the first step in the Senate's inquiry into Sutton.


Olson said the information gleaned from the attorney general's investigation will help officials determine what other individuals will be subpoenaed in the coming weeks.

"It really is paint by numbers," Olson said of the process.

Attorney General Larry Long said Tuesday evening the subpoena was served on his office. Officials in the attorney general's office have looked at the matter, and believe they will have to comply with the request.

"We aren't planning on going to court and contesting the subpoena," he said.

Read it all here in today's Argus Leader.


Anonymous said…
If Sutton is found innocent in 2007 and the Senate has kicked him out in 2006 it will be the end of Republican's in South Dakota..
Anonymous said…
Nope, when Janklow et al killed Gina Score, I thought the same thing. I was wrong. The only one who stinks and will stink coming out of the Sutton deal, other than Sutton, is Shoenbeck. The Argus and Mercer are making sure of that.

Who's signing on for 2010 now, Lee?
Anonymous said…
Do you think the boy's accusing father stinks a little in this? The Argus had an interesting 2-line comment in Sunday's paper. It
seems to have been handled in a
rather odd manner, that is for sure.
Is it true the father asked for
Sutton's endorsement and a
contribution to his own campaign for gov.?
This will really get interesting when all of the Ritchfield stuff
hits the fan in Flandreau!
Anonymous said…
There's a lot about this story that needs to come out. While there may be plenty of folks who think this is some sort of partisan hatchet job on Sutton, I don't see it yet. His Republican incumbents will hate to he him go. Dan has put the "loyal" in loyal opposition as he's voted with the majority on a fairly regular basis.

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