Check out a chart of the Open and Honest Money trail

I had a reader send this over to me as one of the many thing flying around the state in the wake of "Vision-gate" as one person was trying to make heads or tails of how the money flowed. I think graphically like this, so it's a handy visual-aid.(Click on the image to enlarge)

Oops. My bad. I got a copy without a disclaimer. It's fixed now


Anonymous said…
Wow- well done. It is remarkable how the MSM is going berserk about the financing of Yes on 6 while ignoring this blatant campaign violation. How hypocritical as well. Billion has been complaining about open and honest government for months and he is the recipient of at least $30,000 in unreported campaign funds.
Anonymous said…
Follow Gunn Productions. They also have done the creative for the yes on 7 campaign (anti video lottery) and Dakota Magic casino. Oh, what a tangled web we weave.....
Anonymous said…
Here's a chart for you:

Steve Kirby --> Roger Hunt --> Leslee Unruh
Anonymous said…
I don't know anything about Gunn Productions. But that is business. You get clients where you can. The issue is that a candidate who is preaching openness doesn't put his money where his mouth is, pun intended.
Anonymous said…
Check out Billion's press release from today on his website re: the Yes on 6 campaign finance allegations- He could have just as well written it about himself... with the same colorful and snide language.
Anonymous said…
Billion's release on this is laughable. He finds a way to blame every crazy thing on the governor. And it is especially hypocritical when his campaign is doing the same kind of stuff.
Anonymous said…
"The opposition might not like it. But I'm not so sure there's anything illegal about it at this point, given South Dakota's lax campaign finance laws" - Dakota War College

"Don't like either? Then fix the laws. That's what I'm continually grumbling that we need to do."
- Dakota War College

Check out Kate Turnbow's article in the Capital Journal which states "While the mathematical discrepancy is an easy fix according to Enres, the tribal check he says is not so simple."
Anonymous said…
Haha. Connecting this group to Billion is hilarious. He took money from them... he reported it. End of story.

That's why the MSM is not reporting it. There's no connection to Billion.

However... they MSM should jump on a 750,000 contribution from one person - someone who wants to hide from people.

With our initiative process, you have to have trasparency. You have to have some protection against one person being able to buy an election or a constitutional amendment.

PP, I can't believe you condone this. Someone who talks about being open and honest, then you hide behind your partisan divide.

And the rest of you are guilty. I'm ashamed of my fellow Republicans. More and more, I'm feeling like my party has lost its conscience.

Come to think of it... I won't be in this party for long.
Anonymous said…
see ya 7:10
Anonymous said…
Why didn't KELO report on (Billion) since he wants openness?!?!?!?
Anonymous said…
Looks like Jack reported what he received. PP, are you a Woodward or a flying monkey. While rounds sits back trying to buy four more years of flight time, working moms are scanning the classifieds. the real story is on Roger's and Leslie's money bath, so get control on your spinning before you get an upset tummy.
Anonymous said…
6:33 "Same kind of stuff"

Are you saying M Mike is doing this "stuff", you know about it, and like it?
Anonymous said…
Am I missing something here? So there is a PAC giving money to a candidate? Why is that a scandal?
Anonymous said…
Anon 8:53 -

No, I have no knowledge of Rounds' campaign finances. I am saying that, apparently, Jack Billion is doing the same kind of stuff as Yes on 6. Obviously.
Anonymous said…
YOU GUYS ARE MISSING THE POINT- Billion received $30,000 in unreported campaign contributions from Midwest Coalition for Progress and set up a shell PAC to do his dirty work- this is the "secrecy" and "dummy organization" Billion is criticings Hunt for. What hypocrisy. Get off the Kool-aid.
Anonymous said…
excuse me, I meant "criticizing". Sometimes I type too fast.
Anonymous said…
Anon 10:04, or should I say Sibby:

Connecting Billion to the Open Gov. ads is lying. Repsectfully, you are a liar. You have no proof.

On the other hand, your buddy ROGER HUNT shielded 750K from people who expect ballot initiatives to be forthright and honest.

What's more, it was illegal. And Nelson is going to call ROGER out on it.

Billion reported his correctly. Everything's fine on his end.

ROGER cheated the system to try and buy a ballot initiative. And, THEY'RE still going to lose, because SIBSTER, you're out of touch.

All you hate words... have no effect.

Take THAT.
Anonymous said…

Does M. Mike know who gave the 750K? Jack has reported properly. There are people who want SD improved and they back Jack. Now call Mike and help him with his latest $2,000,000 commercial.
Anonymous said…
Gov Rounds doesn't need to know where the $750k came from, because it IS NOT his campaign. Are you saying he should be checking the books of every Republican candidate and conservative issue in the state? The reporting errors are directly correlated to money used in Billion's campaign; Hunt's money doesn't go to Rounds.
Anonymous said…
Did Billion receive $30,000 is unreported campaign funds?

NO. Look at the reports.

The money was spent on ads with Gunn Productions by a PAC Jack does not control.

Looks like everything is above board at the end of the day here just like it is with Hunt and Rounds.
Anonymous said…
Lets not blame the canidates.

Its a bunch of do gooders and people with their own agenda who are contributing to and running these PAC's.

If we don't like it lets close the loop holes. As long as they can, they will continue to do this.

Another thing is how weakly enforced the reporting laws are. An interesting number to know would be just how many reports came in late or are still not in. I bet its more than one.
Anonymous said…
I am so proud of my party. They take so much time to draw a chart like this to destroy Billion (who has NO chance of winning) yet the party says NOTHING when its moral leader Roger Hunt hides $750,000 because the donor may get shot!
This whole thing has changed my mind on Amendment E. Our entire state is corrupt. Anytime I don't like a decision, I am just going to take it to the special grand jury.
Vote no on everything but Amendment E to get rid of the corrupt wing of the Republican party.
PP said…
What does amendment E have to do with anything specifically political.

(Obviously the California trolls are posting today)
Anonymous said…
Hey Billion Kool-aid drinkers- Yes- Billion reported his campaign contributions- BUT AFTER they were first laundered through the Vision SD PAC... some of which were diverted to run his smear ads via Open and Honest Government PAC.

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