South Dakota Medical Marijuana second ad

Okay, I got it pulled down and uploaded to my you tube space where I can now post it. Here's the second ad from the South Dakotans for Medical Marijuana:

Maybe I should also add that I voted a big NO on medical marijuana.


Anonymous said…
ive actually read this proposal. have you? it says that you can go to the clinic, complain of chronic pain, and once they note that in your chart, you are ENTITLED to have a DOOBIE ID...a POT prescription, just you sayin you got pain.

dying of cancer? im all for it, smoke smoke smoke, you got it coming.

but an old football injury?

ok, neat concept, aint it compassionate? until that guy smokin' BC BUD comes smokin' down the highway at me. or, more realistically, space cadets his left turn signal and pulls in front of me when im at hiway speed.

yup, we might outlaw driving with a cell phone on, but hey, dude, my knee be throbbin', pass that doob right on over here and lets go find a munchie store.
Anonymous said…
Who is this officer speaking for, and where did he work. I can't believe he was in SD for 36 years of law enforcement. Sounds like someone who sold property in California and moved here for the good life.

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