SouthDakotaMAC weighs in on the elections

Humor website weighs in on the elections with several funny posts - one of which is on the JAIL movement:
JtotheAtotheItotheL Amendmentation

Folks, don't just vote yes on this solid amendment to our constitution, VOTE HELL YES. No other issue on the ballot this year will cement South Dakota's standing as the number one bat-shit-crazy state like this bad boy. Our founding fathers desperately wanted our judicial system to be run like some freaked out bumper cars ride, and this tasty little morsel gets us to it. We at SouthDakotaMac have yet to be sued, and this kick ass amendment will end that, wouldn't our world just be better if we could all sue each other for no apparent reason. VOTE YES ON THE JAIL AMENDMENT, and let's start the havoc

Go read it here for his offbeat humor.


Anonymous said…
It's about time you recognized the genious of the Mac. Excellent presentation of the issues and brilliant selection of candidates and positions. And SDMac's got photos. I like pictures. Pictures are good.
Anonymous said…
hysterical, the Mac is a riot, I think I may change my thinking on certain issues
Unknown said…
We have serious issues facing us this year, and this sick website does nothing to further the dialogue. We need to take real stands on the issues that face us, and this mac makes it all a joke
Unknown said…
damn you Mac
Anonymous said…
we love War college, we love PP

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