That's got to put a damper on the mood at the Billion campaign tonight.

The Argus Leader is reporting tonight that there's a slight margin between the candidates in the most recent poll on the gubernatorial race:
A new poll shows Gov. Mike Rounds leading Democrat challenger Jack Billion by more than 20 points entering the last days of the race for South Dakota governor.

The incumbent Republican would win 57-35 with 8 percent undecided if the results of the Nov. 7 election mirrored the outcome of a recent Mason-Dixon Polling and Research survey of 800 likely South Dakota voters.

The Argus Leader sponsored the poll.
Read it all here. In a gubernatorial race, when you're not running a reasonable amount of tv, what do you expect? As for direct mail.... My wife is in education, one of the groups that Billion has been pandering to, and I haven't seen one piece of literature. As for another leg of the campaign chair (the one I watch the closest) I know I haven't seen much in print, either.

How in the heck is he expecting voters to know his name, much less vote for him?

*update* In the full version of the story, the Billion campaign comments on the numbers:
"Our survey told us last spring that this election was going to break very late - the primary reason being the abortion issue," Crook said. "Most people don't view the abortion issue as yes-no or black-white. So it was very clear they have to grapple with that issue first."

"We have the momentum," he added
Unfortunately for them, their numbers will break sometime next year. Far after the election is over.


Anonymous said…
Well, I figure it will be 65-35 for Rounds when it's all said and done.

You know, Billion is a good person. You can't take that away from him. But Rounds has done a good job, and that's all that matters when it's time to vote.

I drove to Brookings on Saturday for the HOBO DAY football game. I saw Round's campaign posters all over the place during the trip. You had to search high and low to find ones for Billion.

I just don't understand it. Billion is probably one of the best candidates that the Democrats have put forth for a long time. Why wasn't his campaign posters plastered all over the place? I figured they were waiting for the last few weeks to do a total campaign blitz across the State. Well, I'm still waiting.
Anonymous said…
No money. Billion had no real money and probably didn't want to spend any of his own.

Billion will still do better than Whalen.
Anonymous said…
Billion's real problem isn't money; it's his strategy. People don't want to hear how bad things are all the time and Billion rarely acknowledged anything was good in this state. He constantly came off as an angry man and you can't motivate people with anger as much as you can with optimism.
People also realize that you can't propose all that spending and pay for it without raising taxes. People know a liberal when they see one and South Dakota doesn't want a liberal Governor.
Anonymous said…
That and nobody wants a governor that looks like Mr. Magoo.

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