I told you so. Associated Press reports that JAIL/Amendment E got spanked.

The associated press just sent it across the wire that:
A judge has refused to bar some of theadvertising by a group that opposes a controversial ballot measurethat would strip judges of judicial immunity.


But after a brief hearing today in Pierre -- Circuit Judge Max Gors of Pierre said political campaigns routinely involve disagreements in which two sides disagree about what is true.

He says both sides can make their political arguments -- and he will not interfere in the process. The group opposing Amendment "E" argues its ads are accurate and truthful. (By AP Writer Chet Brokaw)


Well, what did they think was going to happen?


Anonymous said…
isn't Gors on the JQC? Seems like a conflict of interest! No big suprise who they favored in this latest case of Big Business against the rest of us.
Anonymous said…
It's only a conflict of interest when attorneys and judges rule against the jail nuts.

Otherwise, they're brave crusaders.

Kind of reminds you of the religious militias in Iraq.
Anonymous said…
notice how the folks who hate the judicial system always run to the courts to redress their frivolous claims?
Anonymous said…
there needs to be a MAJOR revelation in this country or there will be a BLOODY revolution, starting with lawyers with really fat heads(Tim's pic in the Argus)
Anonymous said…
And this revolution will be monitored by members of the trilateral commission in black helicopters.

And they also fluoridate water when no one is looking.

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