A new radio ad for No on 2

The South Dakota Chapter of Americans for Prosperity has a new radio ad hitting the airwaves today in their campaign against Initiated Measure 2 called "It Doesn't Solve the Problem." It hits on how they believe people will break the law to continue their smoking habit.

Listen to it here first.


Anonymous said…
Well, if history repeats itself (as it tends to do) we can expect litigation from the tribes, a surge in tobacco products purchased over the internet, cross border sales increases, an increase in "roll your own" & a black market for tobacco products, essentially making the sale of tobacco unregulated. And it won't bring in near the tax dollars proponents are touting... Not saying that smoking is a good thing but large targeted tax increases on tobacco don't appear to be an effective tool to reduce it.
Anonymous said…
Really William? Considering RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris' internal documents made public in the late 90's stated that excise taxes on tobacco products was the number one reason people quit smoking I would think your last statement makes no sense.
Anonymous said…

GO Call Knobe again 3 times and disguise your voice! HaHa. Also you might want to run spell check on your press release! Here is how you spell Dakotans, go back to ND, you Big Tobacco Shill. What's that I hear, oh it's that big train coming down the tracks right at you. Amen, finally the smokers are going to have to pay their share, Thank GOD!!
Anonymous said…
Who did your ad it sounds like a high school a/v project gone awry.
Anonymous said…
That's a great ad. The tax increase won't do everything that proponents say it will. William hit it right on the head. People will buy tobacco out of state and it won't cause people to quit.

It doesn't solve the problem.

Nice slogan
Anonymous said…
What's "THE PROBLEM" big tobacco making less money? Thought so!!

Why the heck isn't AFP looking out for the 75% of the states citizens that don't smoke, oh I just remembered AFP IS Big Tobacco with a scam name!!

Anonymous said…
RE Anonymous 1:29
While small or moderate increases may very well increase revenue and reduce overall levels of smoking, sudden large increases in taxes tend to generate unintended consequences. Tax revenues may go up but the market for untaxed cigarettes (black market) also tends to increase.

Most studies by CDC adn tobacco companies appear to have been conducted prior to 2002 and the effect of internet sales may also be more of a factor in untaxed sales, as well.

RE Anonymous 2:45
Just because more cigarettes sales are diverted to lower cost or non-regulated outlets doesn't really have an impact on "BIG TOBACCO" profits. It has much more of an impact on retail sales & "mom & pop" outlets.
Anonymous said…

How misguided you truly are. Whether it is ignorance, or snow job, is yet to be determined!!

I offer you the following DIRECT Statements offered by "your" friends at BIG Tobacco. Maybe you should call them and tell them not to make such statements in public whether its to their shareholders ie. "you" or in the direct press. The people of SD are not as nearly ignorant as you think we are. Connect the dots and read slowly, even you might be able to figure out that sales drop!!! The CEO's know they do!!!!!!!!!!!

In its earnings report today, R.J. Reynolds stated that one of the "risks and uncertainties" threatening its future performance and financial results is "the substantial and increasing regulation and taxation of tobacco products."

In a June 30, 2006 speech, the President and CEO of Philip Morris International, Andre Calantzopoulos, stated, "The reactions of adult consumers to such measures [smoking restrictions] are a mixture of accelerated quitting, a reduction of daily consumption and changes in smoking patterns."

It's about the kids William, stop trying to kill ours.
Anonymous said…
Oh, of course, one can't be opposed to anything proposed to be for the "good of the children" - lol
Anonymous said…
The fact of the matter is SD spends over $258 million a year on tobacco related health care costs, or roughly $582 per taxpayer. Why is a supposed taxpayer advocacy group fighting one of the best ways (agreed upon by the tobacco industry and the public health community, but not William)to get tobacco users to quit and to keep kids from ever starting?
Anonymous said…
I think everyone will agree tobacco is addictive. Increasing the tax will not keep people from smoking. People will get their tobacco when they want it.

Unfortunately many people will leave the state to buy cheaper tobacco if they only live 10 - 15 minutes away. This tax increase won't have the intended effect organizers say it will.
Anonymous said…
7 of 11 major communities are close to the state border. People will cross the border to buy tobacco. Believe it.
Anonymous said…
75% of all tobacco purchases are point of purchase sales, meaning users buying one pack at a time. Tobacco users are already paying more for convenience rather that buying by the carton where the savings are significant. Now you’re trying to tell us that they are going add an extra 30 minutes to an hour driving across state lines to all of a sudden realize savings they didn’t care about in the first place?

When New York City raised their tobacco taxes by $3 a couple years ago cross border, internet sales and black market accounted for less than 5% of the tobacco purchases. So you would have us believe that it will be a significant amount here in SD? In a state where you have to travel significantly further than someone in NYC where the price was increased 3 times as much? When I want a Coke I stop at a gas station, walk in a grab one out of the refrigerator. Sure it would be much cheaper to have purchased a 12-pack at Wal-Mart and planned ahead but it’s a convenience world we are living in.

Believe it.
Anonymous said…
Look at AFP's 501c3 filing and little of the money they raised will have come from Big tobacco.

Most comes from fiscal McCain conservative types who are worried that social engineering does not fix our problems.

Even the American Heart Assocation in North Dakota refused to endorse that state's proposed raise in tobacco taxes. Their stated reason was that their funding would dry up. So who's looking out for you now baby?

Maybe the Darin Smith/Daschle hacks should stick to call in shows and leave the blog postings to the varsity team.

Believe IT!
Anonymous said…
Wow, Duane Sands has joined the debate everyone! Duane, aren't you the one who sent out the press release regarding an informal poll conducted by call-ins on the McDaniel Mess? Talk about varsity, I think Philip Morris will be benching you fairly soon.

At least Darrin Smith is from SD.
Anonymous said…
If you Google Americans For Prosperity and Philip Morris you get over 200,000 results. Yeah, you're not tied together at all.

Anonymous said…
Great comeback that Smith is from South Dakota. Other than stating the obvious why not talk about how he got trashed by local yokel dave munson of all people.
Anonymous said…
You forgot to say that he got ran off the council too. He couldn't hold his own after getting romped on by old munson so he quits and says he wants more time with the family.

More time with the family...then goes to work for a statewide ballot campaign.

Darin, you've been standing too close to second hand smokers. But at least you are from south dakota that means you are immune from criticism.
Anonymous said…
Munson trashed Smith.

Sioux Falls folks saw through Smith. Not even his own district voted for him in the end.
Anonymous said…
Hey Duane,

Nice comeback, either you think South Daktans (as you spell it) are idiots or you are just a frickin dope that doesn't understand campaign finance. You say look at AFP's campaign finance reports and you see McCain types! Are you stupid? Where do you think "they" are getting their money disneyland???? Also,I can't believe you would even have the nerve to talk about someone who actually got themselves elected to an office!!! How many tries are you on now Duane, were you ever even elected to hall monitor. Check out Duanes record everyone, NEVER a winner. Wow a conservative in ND can't get elected (not even close on any occasion by the way!!hahaha) and Darrin gets himself on the SF city council as a democrat. Duane your a sham and come next tuesday once again, everyone will tell you how much of one you really are!!

Leave my kids alone
Anonymous said…
The American Heart Association is pretty hypocritical to testify against a smoking ban 3 years ago in North Dakota and then try to raise taxes here in South Dakota and call it a health issue.

It's not a health issue, it is about money.

The reasons to vote against the tax increase just keep piling up.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like somebody's backtracking on their prervious statements.

I can't help it that you beleive McCain types get their money from tobacco. Besides prove that.

I think you get your money from sham doctors who are more worried about their organization than people's health.
Anonymous said…

Shame on you, the South Dakota Medical Association and nearly every other member of South Dakotas HealthCare Systems are not shams and I think you should apologize to the Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Physicians Assistants, Nurse Practioners and the nice people that also work for these organizations for calling them SHAMS !!! I am offended by you Duane Sand with Americans For Prosperity!!
Anonymous said…
The tobacco tax increase is a bad idea. I'm not voting for a law that is going to be ineffective.

The state should be focusing more on helping people quit and less on raising taxes.

Preventing people from smoking begins at home. Children get their cigarettes from Mom or Dad, whether they know about it or not.
Anonymous said…
Some of the accusations floating around are crazy. I just spoke to Duane Sand and he said he has never left a single comment on this blog.
Anonymous said…
Why don't you sign your name, Anonymous 11:49 PM? Pretty big words for someone hiding behind the scenes. I know Duane Sand on a personal level. Duane is a true American patriot for his honorable service in the military, and for standing up and taking on Sen. Conrad and Rep. Pomeroy. Cowards like you stand behind the scenes, spout your mouth, and never run for office. Stay away from my kids.

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