This one is making the rounds - Be afraid. Be Really afraid

This one is making the rounds in the e-mails, and I just got it. Oh god.. let's just say it's a little...harsh.


Haggs said…
It's times like this that I thank God I'm an independant. It's just so silly how Republicans and Democrats try to vilify people on the other side.

"Nancy Pelosi is the Devil."

"Dick Cheney drinks the blood of puppies."

It's just petty divisiveness and it's tearing this country apart.
Anonymous said…
Haggs, you are dead on. It's crap like this that really makes people excited about election season and politics in general.
Anonymous said…
So, the video was supposed to be funny? Pretty lame.
Anonymous said…
Just because you make fun of her doesn't mean she isn't going to kick all the Republicans butts!
Anonymous said…
You Dems! No sense of humor!

I thought it was really funny--but not as funny as THIS one!
(You have to highlight--cut and paste on to your browsers I guess.) Maybe Pat will post it to make it easier for everyone to enjoy!
Anonymous said…
This is really low class. I guess Lee has too much time on his hands.
Anonymous said…
ha! finally someone is exposing the uber-liberal Berkeley millionaire trial lawyer hack Turbo!!!! ha ha ha
Anonymous said…
for those of you who are uninformed, Nancy Turbak and Scott Heidepriem are the great white hopes of the liberal Hildebrand Democrat crowd in South Dakota...they are grooming them to be big stars. In fact they are millionaire snooty latte-sippers who HATE conservatives and love suing people. Get to know their names because they are going to be around for a while
Anonymous said…
The YouTube thing isn't that bad. It's funny. And I don't know Scott or Nancy, but your descrption 2:51 sounds like a lot of the liberals in West River.
Anonymous said…
Let's see, Scott Heidepriem:

1. Built and extremely successful law practice.
2. Is one of the best lawyers in the state.
3. Is against an income tax.
4. Is against the cell phone tax.
5. Says South Dakotan are taxed enough.

Yup, sounds like a typical liberal to me. Whether is sips, latte, I don't know. Doe that disqualifty one from office?

As to the blah video, I sometimes think Rush Limbaugh's sketches from the early years of his radio show were hysterically funny. He often picked on Ted Kennedy. I also think P.J. O'Rourke, no weak kneed liberal, is a hoot. Same with Dennis Miller. Bob and Tom sliced up Bill Clinton on a regular basis and I laughed my *ss off. I also think Clinton was an excellent president. The Howard Dean videos of him scream are a scream. I thought the Young Republican idea to have a ScreamFest when he was in Rapid City was seriously funny. And he leads my party.

Some things are just not funny. The Pelosi/Clinton video is in that category. Has nothing to do with ideology for me.

And yes, keep an eye on Nancy and Scott.

They're going to do great things for the state.
Anonymous said…
Too bad Heidepriem didn't vote that way when he was in Pierre. He sounds good, but his reality is sure different.
Anonymous said…
Anyone w/Children will get this...can we get a video of Randy Frederick morphing into Patrick Starr?
Anonymous said…
Does anyone have the ad that Kelly is running against Heidepriem?

It sure tells a different story.

What does "his firm is even suing the taxpayers" mean?
Anonymous said…
The Daschle Democrats and Hildebrand are making a huge mistake betting their entire future on Scott Heidroperm and Nancy Turbo-liberal. They are exactly the wrong image for the party--rich, snobby, greedy trial lawyers who love liberals and liberalism. And they are as phony as a 3 dollar bill.
Anonymous said…

What the hell are you talking about? You obviously know nothing of Heidepriem's voting record.
Anonymous said…

Anonymous cowards spewing unsupported childish crap like "phony as a three dollar bill" do not reflect well upon the quality of either the blogger (under 16?) or the venue.

This thread sucks.
PP said…
poliglut, I'm not going to disagree with you. I mainly posted it because it's what is hitting the e-mail circuit.
Anonymous said…
I agree, they are as phony as 3-dollar bills!
Anonymous said…
8:41 "What the hell are you talking about. You obviously know nothing of Heidepriem's voting record." Wrong!! I was watching Heidepreim's voting when he was in the legislature. Started watching him right after I saw him campaigning at a funeral. Wondered what kind of a guy would campaign at somebody's funeral.
Anonymous said…
Liberal is too kind a word for Nancy.

She is hateful and mean and will do what ever it takes to win even if it hurts innocent people. Oh wait no one is innocent in nancy mind. That is how she rationalizes what she does.

Nothing matters as long as she wins.

We are all in trouble if she wins.
Anonymous said…
Who is Nancy Turbak and why should I care? seriously...i don't know
MT said…

You know nothing about Nancy, she is perhaps the best candidate running in the state, she knows what is going on and she wants to fix the status quo and make the state better for the right reasons.

Furthermore, challenging her integrity, dumbass anon, by saying that "she will hurt the innocent to get what she wants" is completly libelous.

I know her personally, I go to school with her son,and calling her heartless without a warrant shows the ignorance of you.

Moreover, what about your party and your leaders, as I understand our troops are still dying for an unjustified cause in Iraq.

Just my 1 cent.
Anonymous said…
Exuse me young man....

Were we or were we not attacked on Sept. 11th?

We are fighting a war on terrorism. Unfortunately innocent people die during war. I have two sons in the military, and find it insulting when someone like you says they are there fighting for nothing.
MT said…

This is not a war on terror, it is a war to create terror. The National Intelligence Agency even claimed in a 30 page report on Septermber 26 that the US presence in Iraq has fueled the fire for anti-American extremism.

It makes me sad that you have children fighting a war that is unjustified and wrong.

God help you find the truth.

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