Yes and No on Initiated Measure 6

I had this link sent to me (although, I think it's been going around the SD blogosphere) for a homemade Yes on 6 ad. According to the writeup on it at
This unauthorized 30-second South Dakota TV spot was made on location at Mt. Rushmore for the abortion ban vote, in hopes that the Vote Yes for Life campaign would want to use this commercial featuring Rushmore's pro-life Abe Lincoln look-a-like, urging people to uphold their state's abortion ban. So far, apparently, they have not shown interest in the spot. So, this commercial is available, and we're looking for another organization that can run this TV ad in South Dakota!
There is also a new commercial out there from democratic aligned organization "Focus South Dakota." While it's somewhat directed against the measure, it's more focused on going after Bill Napoli, and supporting democratic candidates Katus, Spry and Finch:


Anonymous said…
Napoli engaging his mouth before engaging his brain.

Nothing new here, same old Bill.
Anonymous said…
3:24 There you go, engaging your mouth again. Nothing wrong with Sen. Bill Napoli, at least he is honest and will tell you just exactly the way it is. Too bad we don't have more Bill Napoli's sent to Pierre.
Anonymous said…
anon 4:23
Are you serious? Have you no compassion or did you miss that day in church?
Anonymous said…
It is obvious that BN is not the only state legislator that feels this way. Even some of the women we send to Pierre. Sad but true--So, this is a call to action for us to change the make-up of our lawmakers.
Anonymous said…
Isn't Napoli admitting that we maybe should allow exceptions in certain hard cases? So, isn't he agreeing with you NO on 6 libs? This commercial is stupid and schizophrenic?
Anonymous said…
4:23 - Correction. Napoli is telling it the way he THINKS it is.
That has to be one of the most stupid, insensitive statements I have ever heard from a legislator. The man is clueless, and he's an embarrassment to our state.

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