Elli versus Katus... Well, Adelstein too as we approach the finish line...

The Rapid City Journal via Kevin Woster is reporting tonight about the circumstances around the whole Schwiesow/Katus/ Sore los... Adelstein situation:
Republican candidate Elli Schwiesow is a self-professed pro-life conservative closely tied to Referred Law 6, which would ban all abortions in the state except when needed to save the pregnant woman’s life. Katus portrays himself as a moderate who opposes the ban and believes it is a clear example of a growing extremism in the Republican Party.

But it’s not as simple as Schwiesow against Katus. Republican state Sen. Stan Adelstein, a wealthy businessman and philanthropist who was beaten by Schwiesow in an edgy District 32 primary last spring, has thrown his money and public endorsement behind Katus.

And in a less public way, Doug Hamilton another Rapid city millionaire whose history of charitable giving was tarnished this year by a multi-million sexual harassment lawsuit against him and his company n has provided financial backing for Schwiesow.


“Well, I won the primary without those supporters, and that was a Republican primary where a lot of Democrats changed to Republican just to support Adelstein,” she said. “I have the same game plan for the general election that I had for the primary. You just broaden it to include Independents and Democrats.”

Schwiesow’s primary plan centered on identifying the votes she missed in her close loss to Adelstein in the 2004 District 32 Senate primary and assuring they got them to the polls in the 2006 rematch. She’ll uses the same framework to get her GOP voters out in the general election, as well as attracting more than her share of Democrats and independents.

Schwiesow believes she will appeal to anti-abortion voters regardless of party and expects general-election benefits from her “A” rating and endorsement from the National Rifle Association. Both Schwiesow and Katus have a detailed understanding of District 32 -- an undulating political landscape of economic peaks and valleys that stretches from Robbinsdale up through Star Village down through West Boulevard and up again across Skyline Drive before it drops down once more to parts of west Rapid City east of Sheridan Lake Road.


And as a native of Standing Rock Indian Reservation with enduring tribal connections, Katus won’t be upstaged by Schwiesow in working for American Indians living in District 32.

“I don’t have to make a special effort, because that effort has been there for years and years,” he said. “I’m extremely well known in the Indian community.”

Schwiesow acknowledges that edge, but also points to her own outreach on behalf of the Republican Party to Indian country, especially Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. All legislators serving the Rapid City area should be more tuned into to Indian issues, Schwiesow said.
I'm not where to stop here, because there's so much of the article that's worthwhile reading. But you need to read it all here.


Anonymous said…
The Journal is also reporting this morning where Ellie took a big dump on John Thune at yesterday's 6 rally at Mt. Rushmore. James Dobson, the rally's main attraction bitterly complained Thune didn't attend the rally.

Thune apparently wasn't doing much, he was in Virgina campaigning for George Allen. No big deal, just trying to hold the Senate for our party and keep Hillary Clinton from becoming the next Majority Leader.

Hey, it's just the Senate, no big deal. Spending an entire day traveling to show up a rally that didn't change a single vote would have been a much better use of his time, right?

When are these people going to get it? We know you like Ellie PP, but, holy cow, how about a little big picture thought from these so-called "new republicans" just once in awhile?
Anonymous said…
I think it was inappropriate for Ellie to criticize Senator Thune into this. He is the best thing to happen to South Dakota in years. 8:27 is right...his time was better spent to help keep the Senate in GOP hands. It would have been preaching to the choir for him to attend the rally. (I have already voted for Ellie and HB1215. But I think she overstepped on this.)
Anonymous said…
I respect both Dobson and Thune. It is generally considered a tactical error to chastise a teammate in public. Dobson knows better. Having said that, once an issue goes to the people by referal or initiated measure, I think it is best to be quiet and just encourage people to get the facts and vote.
Anonymous said…
How can anyone compare saving the Senate to saving the lives of unborn babies?

Thune really showed where his priorities are. Unborn babies will always come second to Thune unless he's up for reelection.

The is NOTHING more important than saving the lives of unborn babies, not even George Allen.
Anonymous said…
9:16...you are one of those single issue people, who really can't get the BIG picture. SD, John Thune, and many others (you included) need George Allen to return to the Senate. Imagine, Nancy P. leading the house (she's in absentia at present) John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, G. Schumer and Teddy leading the Senate! Where would you be with your single issue! Thank God, John Thune sees the BIG picture!
Anonymous said…
Sweet Sow is going to lose tomorrow then we won't have to hear from her ever again - at least until she runs again and loses in 2008.
Anonymous said…
4:36, you are the real pig. Why don't you add something constructive in your comments? Are you working for Adeltein's and Katus'...$$$$. Is Pork in Stan's diet?
Anonymous said…
Sch weeeeeeee Sow.

Her name sounds like the winning yell in a pig calling contest. Come here little piggy, piggy, piggy.

6:36 your antisemitic remark is far worse than any observation about Sweet Sow's name. Does Ellie celebrate Santa Claus on Christmas?

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