Mrs. PP sends a love note

To the readers of the War College -

I hope you will allow my brief interruption of the political lecture that is conducted here on a daily basis to allow me to publicly celebrate fifteen years of marriage to my husband. I think I can liken this public love note to standing in front of my family and friends all those years ago now and professing my commitment to this man. We were married on November 2nd, 1991 at St. Joseph's Cathedral in Sioux Falls. The wedding happened after a monster blizzard that canceled Halloween 2 days before and stranded a groomsman in the airport and relatives from Iowa, It's been a lot like that for the past 15 years, with unexpected "weather" and turns and twists that we couldn't have expected, but the outcome continues to be the one I most desire - I am married to a wonderful man who I love with all my heart.

I met PP while teaching in Elk Point, and we got engaged after knowing each other approximately one week. Engaged is probably not the right term - actually, we really just sort of looked at each after the first few days and started to talk about how our life together was going to go. We were married 10 months later after completing the requirements for having a Catholic wedding (any "Engaged Encounter" survivors out there? During that weekend, my future husband amused me by making our priest look like the pope in doodles in his journal when we were supposed to be learning about NFP and other stuff you gotta know to marry Catholic).

While this type of "engagement period" is hardly the thing I want any of my children to duplicate, I have to say it is a leap of faith that I feel proud to claim. It seems that spending 15 years doing anything, let alone being married to one person, is getting to be something of an oddity these days. Successful marriages can seem to defy logic. I can tell people who ask that I can't define how I knew it was right. I just knew. And I've never looked back. From the first real date we had together, watching "Dances with Wolves" (man, was THAT a long movie !), it was like coming home. I knew he was the one when he came back from the snack bar with napkins for me because he had noticed I was sniffling. Funny how life is - I think that somehow, subliminally, there is a piece to all of us that tells us "this person will take care of me, watch out for me, put me first". And today, fifteen years later, I think we've done that for each other. And we've done a lot. Six babies to be exact, resulting in more laundry and diapers and casseroles than anyone should ever experience. And I have to tell you, that if I knew then what I know now, I would do it all again - in a heartbeat.

I wish that everyone who reads this note and this blog has or will have in their life someone they can love like this. It truly transcends all of the "rest of the stuff" and makes each day worth living.

So, happy anniversary baby. I miss you but more importantly, I love you.

From, your wife.

Don't tell her, but I'm taking off this afternoon and tomorrow to spend my 15th anniversary with my wife. (and no, she won't see this until I'm there)


Anonymous said…
I wanted to be the first to wish you both Congratulations and I wish another 15 and beyond to you!
Congrats again!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Somethings are much bigger and rewarding than politics.
Tim said…
Congrats Mr. and Mrs. PP. Speaking as someone with 10 years of "wedded bliss" on you, oldguy is absolutely right.
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary and Happy Statehood Day!
Publisher said…
Let me be the 5th to wish you a happy anniversary with my congratulations, and best wishes in the future. You've got a fine lady there Proffessor (Ginger or Mary Ann?)I hope you'll have 60 more years together.
BTW, if you would ever like to renew your vows, I'll be glad to perform the ceremony on the house.
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary!! And many blessings upon you and your family. (has it been 15 years already??!! -- wow).
Anonymous said…
WOW! What a wonderful letter!

If you've managed 15 years and only 6 babies then I guess the NFP worked pretty good!

Wishes for the best for youall--the best is yet to come.

Happy Anniversary!
Anonymous said…

As I've told you before, we both married way beyond what we deserved. Congratulations and happy anniversary.

But I (er, Mrs. SD Watch and I) have you crazy kids beat by 10 years. You have us beat by four kids.

Scott said…
Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. PP from a bitter man who once tried marriage and is forever scarred from the experience. However, I'm sure I would have a different opinion of marriage if I was able to meet my own version of the obviously patient Mrs. PP.
Anonymous said…
Pat and Bride:
Love the messageand the romance that the two of you obviously still share. We have tied you at a horse a piece. We did that engaged after threemonths and married 8 months later thing too - so those long engagements are over-rated ---- but while we have you in years (nearly equaling the old man Epp), it's a horse a piece because you win the kid count. I've seen your crew,a nd I still can't figure how you convince your wife to let youplay politics all week while she manages that crew. You are a well loved man. take care - Lee
Anonymous said…
As a loyal Democrat who has hung out on this site way too much the past month, congratulations and best of luck.

I appreciate the way in which you run this site, true to your GOP loyalties, but also with a high degree of fairness to the other side. It makes for a better blog and also apparently, a better marriage!

PP said…
I have to be mildly fair -my wife is a reformed dem . (the teacher thing, you know)
Anonymous said…
Just getting back into town after guiding hunters. PP you are very lucky (as I am) to have a great wife.
Douglas said…
Gosh a number of marriages have survived many years without the protection of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriages and quasi unions.

Is that a miracle or what?

My tolerant wife has been putting up with me for over 30 years..guess I should know the exact number...maybe more like 36 years.

A friend (well at least I think he is a friend) was passing through town and stopped in a local store. He asked if he could use the phone to call me. Then noted to one of the ladies that he had introduced my wife to me. One of of the women said, "Well, You sure did not do her any favors."

What does Blogger have against apostrophes and contractions? Note the "nots" in the above.

Oh yeah, congratulations and I hope the coming years just keep getting better for you two. Maybe one of these years your wife may come back to her senses about political parties too.

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