Senator Kelly Taken Ill

I got this release this AM. Apparently Senator Kelly took ill, and as a precaution he was checked out and found to be in good health.
Update on Medical Condition of District 13 Senator Dick Kelly ( R-Sioux Falls )

Further testing through the night and this morning has determined that the pain Senator Kelly experience last night was a result of respiratory complications and was not cardiac related as originally assumed.

Senator Kelly is in full spirits and will remain at the Heart Hospital through tomorrow afternoon. He will recover at home for the next week.

Senator Kelly noted “I’m not good with the timing of these things. I’m frustrated that I won’t be involved in Saturday’s district literature drop, but am humbled by the outpouring of support from constituents and colleagues. The phone has been ringing non-stop with calls of encouragement.”

Kelly’s wife noted, “I guess this is probably the result of all of those late nights putting up signs in the cold weather and the door to door visits with constituents during the recent cold streak.”

Kelly is a life long Sioux Falls resident. He has served District 13 for two terms. He currently serves as Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee. Prior to his election to the Senate, Kelly was elected twice to a position on the Sioux Falls City Council.


Anonymous said…
nice of Scott Hyderpreme to bash a guy in the hospital...really classy move by the ambulance chasing trial lawyer

remember Heedeopreim attacked Kelly first
Anonymous said…
Next you're going to say that Heidepriem attacked Kelly and put him in the hospital. Problem with that is that Heidepriem didn't attack anyone. Unless you call hard work an attack.
Anonymous said…
Well all politics aside, here's wishing Dick a full recovery.
Anonymous said…
Leave this one alone, folks. It's a about a person's health, Pub or Dem, a human bean.

The campaigns go on. On BOTH sides.
Anonymous said…
Amen Poliglut.

Anonymous 1:17 shouldn't be talking about classy moves. He or she clearly has no class and has almost no grasp of reality.

We wish Dick well and as 4:01pm says, the campaign continues.
Anonymous said…
didnt thesame thing happen to Larry Detrick in 04. campaign run by the same people

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