Vote Yes on Initiated Measure 8 TV Ad

This "End the Double Tax - Vote Yes on Initiated Measure 8" commercial is running across South Dakota with literally no opposition that I've noted on the airwaves. Little opposition... Tax cut. I wonder where this one is headed?


Anonymous said…
This is really a corporate income tax, similar to what we have on banks and insurance companies, and was brought by Gov Rounds and the republicans. So, why are they so opposed to taxing other large corporations. Shouldn't we be taxing Walmart-Cabella's-Sam's Club etc.,instead of rural landowners?
Anonymous said…
PP hasn't posted the latest ad for Initiated Measure 4, but you can see it here:

South Dakota for Medical Marijuana
Anonymous said…
taxing WalMart Cabella Sam's Club IS a tax on rural landowners, because the taxes get passed on to the consumers that shop rural landowners who need a new bbq grill or a pair of carharts.

It's not like there's some special slush fund in Bentonville, Arkansas, that WalMart uses to pay its taxes, and at the end of the year, the stockholders get to divvy up what is left over.

Economics is a fluid science. Push on one part of the economy, and it puts pressure elsewhere.
Anonymous said…
Studies have shown that Walmart, etc. have the exact same flyers in different states. The prices are the same no matter if there is a corp tax or not. So, it may push it up slightly, but it would be for all satates and all purchasers, not just the rural landowners. Also, I believe I've read that the profit from SD is taxed in AR, since SD has none, so it would be just a shift, we would get it instead of AR. You must not be a rural landowner.
Anonymous said…
The time has come to have a corporate tax. Walmart prices are the same in MN as SD. MN taxes Walmart and SD is letting this giant go scott free. If they pass the tax on, so be it. Everyone thinks sale tax is the fair tax that is why I am voting for Amendment D. Purchase price is the market value not some assessor's wild guess.
Anonymous said…
been there. . . The flyers may be the same but the ordinary prices are NOT the same. Prices vary on the same product sold at different Walmarts even within our state borders. Been there and seen that!

Also, some of the land line phone companies pay the same 4% gross receipts as the cell phones do. Other phone companies pay a centrally assessed tax.

Regarding the banks; they opted to pay the gross receipts tax in lieu of collecting the state sales tax on every service transaction that they perform. Other companies that provide a service have to charge the 4% sales tax, the banks don't.

Think of some checking accounts which have a monthly service charge, or some that have a per check charge, or the service fees on a loan, etc. It's much easier for them to pay the gross receipts tax than to try to compute and add to the customers bills for every little service they provide, including ATMs.
Anonymous said…
I've seen some polling data on this, and I think you'll be surprised, PP, at the outcome. Read the Attorney General's explanation on the ballot - which notes how much revenue the tax brings in. Then ask yourself what percentage of likely voters (as in, elderly) people don't have cell phones.
Anonymous said…
Look at who wants this bill to pass. The cell companies. Now ask yourself why. Do you really think that they will stop charging you this amount. If you pass this, they will take the tax off your bill and add a mythical surcharge for the same amount, hence, padding their pockets. As for adding a corporate tax, that is one of the reasons I returned to this state to open a business, so I don't have to pay as many taxes, take more home, and ultimately, have more to spend and invest in South Dakota. That is why we get big corporations here, and they creat jobs.

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