Amanda Nolz – you go girl.
or crowd walks out as Carrie Underwood plays her new song, "Jesus, take my veal"

This was probably one of the best stories I’ve read in a long time. The Mitchell Daily Republic reported how SDSU Ag communications/Political science student Amanda Nolz went to the FFA national convention in Indianapolis where the organizers booked American Idol winner Carrie Underwood for entertainment.

Good booking? Well, not unless you consider the fact she happens to be a vegetarian and animal activist. (What moron booked her for the Future Farmers of America convention?)

Check out Seth Tupper’s excellent article to find out what Amanda did in response:
One of the missions of FFA is to cultivate young leaders, but the venerable agricultural organization may have gotten more than it bargained for with Amanda Nolz.

Nolz, 18, a product of Mitchell High School’s FFA program, left her mark on last week’s FFA National Convention in Indianapolis with two achievements: she won the extemporaneous speaking contest and led a walkout protest against country music star Carrie Underwood.

Underwood, of American Idol fame, sang at the convention Wednesday night. The walkout was staged to draw attention to Underwood’s vegetarianism and animal-rights views, which Nolz described as “against agriculture” and “harmful to our lifestyle.”

Nolz said about 1,000 of the roughly 20,000 people at the Underwood show walked out.


Nolz said Underwood’s support of the Humane Society aligns the singer with a group whose “main goal is to abolish animal agriculture.” Nolz also said Underwood was booed off a stage in Nebraska for her comments in favor of vegetarianism and has promoted vegetarianism on PBS.

Nolz promoted the walkout with advance postings on the Internet social networking site Facebook and also passed out fliers at the convention. She was encouraged in her efforts by agricultural writer and Nebraska radio host Trent Loos.
Read it all here. OUTSTANDING!

If there are any legislators out there reading this, in my opinion she is well deserving of a resolution in her honor this next January. It can’t be any more of a waste of time than the dozen or so Kloucek does every year.

And consider this your “atta’ girl” from the SDWC.


Douglas said…
Makes my cholesterol loaded heart beat proud.

Sounds from the title that Jesus is a meateater however.
Anonymous said…
Supporting the Humane Society is radical?
Anonymous said…
I don't think supporting the humane society is radical, infact, I support the Humane Society and humane treatment of animals and I am a consumer of meat products.

What I find interesting are those who do not eat fruit until it drops off the tree or bush. What are they called, is it "frutationist"? I don't recall and as it looks not sure how to spell it. Call it too lasy to get dictionary.
Anonymous said…
Dang, best clean the keyboard. LAZY is what i was trying to type...
Anonymous said…
Do you suppose those on the entertainment committee are a little red faced? I sure would think so. Let's see I think the word and activity they should have used was called "research"...
I am a proud supporter of FFA.
Anonymous said…
Being a vegetarian and animal rights activist is really a crime against the state--almost like being a Native American. Let's give these kids a big cheer for all the intolerance and bigotry they can muster. That's become the American way.
Anonymous said…
I don't eat olives or zuccinni. I think their gross. I hope no one considers me 'anti-agriculture' because there are certain things I don't eat.

I also got my cats from the Humane Society. I better post anonymously so the FFA doesn't come after me.
Anonymous said…
You Dems--always tryin' to cry at someone elses party.

Go rain on your own parade!
Amanda Nolz said…
Hi, I would just like to thank the South Dakota War College for posting my story. Now please allow me to explain why I felt the need to act against Carrie Underwood. For starters, it is Carrie's RIGHT to be a vegetarian and it is also her RIGHT to preach to young children across America and influence the next generation into becoming a vegetarian. It is also her right to support the HSUS. However, it is my RIGHT to stand up for what I believe in. It is my RIGHT to walk out and bring others with me who support animal agricultre. It is also my RIGHT to not support the Humane Society of the United States. What some people don't understand is how much the HSUS is against production agriculture. They are behind the ban of horse slaughter in the U.S., they just spent $2 million in Arizona to try to rid the state of the veal and pork industry, and they are on the constant attack of American farmers and ranchers who dedicate their entire lives to providing food for America. I am proud of the stand I took, and as the 2006 National Beef Ambassador, I put my heart into protecting my future career in production animal agriculture!
Anonymous said…
amanda very impressive response.
good for you
betty olson said…
Amanda, you go girl!

I totally agree with you on all counts. We need more intelligent, politically astute young people to speak up for the beef industry and for just plain old common sense.

What was FFA thinking when they booked Underwood to sing?

I hope to meet you and give you a much deserved pat on the back.
Anonymous said…
It is indeed Carrie Underwood's right to be an vegetarian. She would be much healthier if she consumed beef but that is her choice. is my RIGHT to be able to choose whether I want to raise veal, eat beef, or watch a rodeo. The Human Society of the United States is trying to make it illegal to do these things. Carrie Underwood supports this organization, I do not. I support the RIGHT to make that choice, so please Miss Underwood don't support an organization that is trying to get rid of that choice.

If Carrie Underwood was a true vegetarian, ask her why she wears leather boots, puts makeup on in the morning, or drives on a road. Yes, my friend, these activies all use by-products from livestock.

I am proud to be a livestock producer that supplies beef as well as beef by-products for this great nation. By the way, you are awesome Amanda Nolz. THanks for standing up for OUR RIGHTS!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Amanda, hopefully we will see you running for office someday. Best wishes to you.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for taking a stand. I have always enjoyed her music, but glad to know this information. She doesn't have to buy my beef and I don't have to buy her cds or go to her concerts. Sounds like a possible Dixie Chicks boycott brewing. Thanks Amanda.
Anonymous said…
Okay I have to ask: Did the National FFA Convention Committee book her, or was it a concert that was held in the area while the convention was going on. I am getting conlicting reports.
It is time to quiz our kids who went to the convention (if they would know???). I have heard the concert was an optional purchase/fee. Did not know this about Underwood myself.
Strong FFA Supporter!
Anonymous said…
I really wish people would get the facts straight. Carrie was not booed off the stage at Nebraska. She swallowed a bug while singing and then casually commented about not eating meat. She didn't preach vegetarianism. She never has. Yes she was booed but nobody walked out and everyone laughed because it was done jokingly.

She has repeatedly said that she wouldn't expect anyone to give up meat just because she did. I read the PBS article they specifically asked her about being a vegetarian.

She also has never been a member of Peta. She has said that she doesn't support how they work. And also why is it wrong to donate money to support the animals who were victims of hurricane Katrina. That's where her money went too.

She has always said that she doesn't eat meat because her family raised cattle. When she was a kid, she was afraid she would eat one of her cows which she viewed as pets. She is not vegan. She still drinks/eats dairy and eats eggs. She is also the only vegetarian in her family.

And as for the not supporting rodeos she has performed at many rodeos. Some crazy animal activist has used her name because she cancelled a concert the week she made her new video. The concert just happened to be at a rodeo. She performed at other concerts/rodeos the same guy tried to get people to boycott.
Anonymous said…
Carrie Underwood does support the Humane Society of the United States. There is a link right on her offical wesbite. And they DO want to abolish all animal agriculture. No one said anything about Carrie supporting PETA. They also have said it is OK to be a vegetarian. What is not OK is Carrie actively support the HSUS who does NOT support the livestock industry. They are actively trying to abolish animal agriculture and Carrie is supporting their efforts. I believe from what has been written that is why FFA members walked out of her concert. Maybe you should get your facts straight.
Anonymous said…
I wish I had a daughter like Amanda who stands up for what she believes in. You would make a dad proud, Amanda. All my support from a South Dakota Beef Producer!!!
Anonymous said…
I never denied she supported the HSUS. She is in fact a spokesperson. Just because she represents an organization doesn't mean she supports all that they want. I'm a democrat, but I don't support abortion. I posted about what her money was being contributed to. It went specifically to the hurricane relief effort. My facts are straight.

The PETA thing may not have been mentioned, but she has been accused of it and denied it repeatedly.

It's funny how you chose to ignore all the other things I posted about. You guys were falsely accusing her of doing. Maybe because they never happened like I said.

Also how come you guys want to boycott Carrie why not Dewight Yokam or Shania Twain.
Anonymous said…
What moron still calls it Future Farmers of America. The organization's official name is just FFA, has been for years. Anyways, way to go Amanda.
Anonymous said…
The money raised for HSUS all goes to the same organization. There is definitely no saying if the money raised goes specifically to pets or to eliminating animal agriculture. It all goes towards helping this organization ruin the lives of agriculturists everywhere!

Amanda Nolz has sure taken a lot of heat for standing up for animal agriculture. I really look up to her for that. Anyone that wants to keep beating her up for what is right needs to put themselves in her shoes for a minute.

I'm a strong FFA student and supporter and I am proud to be part of such an organization that develops strong leaders in American agriculture. I went to the National Convention and it was booked by the FFA. IT was called the National FFA Mega Concert
Douglas said…
FFA at least doesn't pack the crowd and people can protest.

Seems like it would be a good thing for the White House Twit. That operation arrests protestors or keeps them miles away from Bush, The Juvenile.

My guess is all the anonymous posters so thrilled with the FFA protest might have a slightly different slant on this if 60% of a crowd walked out on the Liar in Chief.
Contact me for your free PEDA (People Eating tasty Animals) T-shirt! You're my kind of folks!
Anonymous said…
I think the South Dakota FFA Alumni should start a scholarship trust fund in Amanda's honor. The scholarship should be awarded to a student selected as the strongest voice for production agriculture interests in South Dakota.

I wish Larry Case, the National FFA executive would just admit that the issue slipped by his staff and appologize. His failure to take responsibility is just giving the whole flap an extended lifespan.

To Amanda Nolz, let me say: I taught agriculture for three years and had over 200 different students in that span. I would have traded all but one of them to have you in my class room. And I would have negotiated on that one kid.
Anonymous said…

let me just say that no matter what happens with all of this (or what anyone else says)... i love ya girl!!! you are an inspiration to all of us!
Ramie and her sister said…
who really cares if she is is her choice...and yes it is your choice amanda to be against this whole thing but there is a thing called human one should have to get embrassed like that because they believe in something that someone else doesnt...that is just plain rude in inconsiderate
Amanda Nolz said…
Ramie and sister-

I have no real problem with vegetarians. Of course I wish they would incorporate meat into their diets, but that is her choice. This isn't about embarrassing Ms. Underwood, it's about calling her out when she pretends to be a country girl and really doesn't represent anything country at all. By supporting the Humane Society of the United States, an organization that wishes to ABOLISH ANIMAL AGRICULTURE, she is essentially hurting my lifestyle and the livlihoods of so many American farmers and ranchers that dedicate their entire lives to providing the essentials of life:food for the world. It isn't to embarrass a country music singer. This is a stand for animal agriculture and creating awareness about an organization that wants to take something away from me that I dearly love. Its as simple as that.
Anonymous said…
Way to Go Amanda. More of these so called performers need to be called out for pretending to be someone they aren't. I am totally fed up with performers supporting so called charities that are not pro-people and then going and doing a cowboy movie or singing country music. All the while thier charity is harming the people that pay for their cd's and watch their movies. It is about being informed and participating in a free market.
Carrie is entitled to be a vegetarian if it helps her perform and travel more comfortably sometimes meat can weigh heavy if you know what I mean. But, like any priveleged person of means, she needs to be fully informed about the charities she supports. That takes research below the smooth and glossy surface. Something Amanda has done.
I love watching TV and seeing stars supporting truly worthy causes, childrens cancer, you go Marlo- Adoption and parenting charities, way to go Bruce- and others I can't think of right now. But you get my drift, sometimes folks worry about animals more than the billions of people out there with devestating and debilitating problems.
Amanda is one of those who's concerns focus on people problems.
Troy said…
Just want to congratulate Amanda! Also, the HSUS is in no way affiliated with your local cat and dog shelter. HSUS is on record saying they want to abolish animal agriculture. Prop 204 in AZ is just a start for them. These people are also on record as saying that ants should have the same rights as your children. Thanks for helping tell the story of ag Amanda.
Anonymous said…
Amanda Nolz is obviously just a jealous b*tch. She will NEVER have one one zillionth of what Carrie Underwood has. There will always be SOMEONE out there trying to spoil it, it might as well be Amanda Nolz. Nice try, little girl. Too bad you won't EVER be as successful as CARRIE UNDERWOOD!

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