Can they do that?

One of my more observant readers noticed that in a prior post, the city of Newell donated $300 to the No-on-7 committee. (Click on image to enlarge):

And their question..... Can they do that? Can a city spend taxpayer dollars to take a position on a ballot measure? And that's a good question. I don't disagree with their position, but whether or not they can they spend money on it is a question I need to do some research on. I've noticed it previously on a couple of Amendment E ads, and now this.

If you've got the answer with citations, drop me a note.


Anonymous said…
I dont know if they can but if my local officials are forking out cash that to issues like yes on 6 or no on 6 I would tell them to go to hell the next time they asked for more money.
Anonymous said…
I have a vague memory about, the Pennington County commissioners being warned, to not use taxpayer funds to try and get the nickel per drink tax on the ballot. But this may be a different deal. I thought they could pass a resolution in support or opposition but no funds. I am eager to hear from an expert.

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