Larry Long For Attorney General TV Commercial

(Can you tell I'm playing with my new toy tonight, my TV capture card?) Here I managed to snag Attorney General Larry Long's commercial for your viewing pleasure.

I'd grab Ron Volesky's TV commercial for everyone.... But I haven't seen one yet.


Anonymous said…
Take a look at Volseky's pre-general campaign finance report, filed today. Not much money in or out, so probably no TV spots from him.
Anonymous said…
a page from Bill Clinton's playbook at the end of the ad we all get to look up to him. Kinda like royality. Nice ad Larry. Where's my coupon for koolaid?
Anonymous said…
Great ad Larry!
Anonymous said…
I want my donation back. Send the check to Anon. The only person who ran a worse campaign than Ron V. was Bruce W. Bruce would have been better served by running no ads and making no appearances as well.
Anonymous said…
someone should check the search engine for a list of every office ron ever ran for, and which ones he won. now THAT has to be an interesting number.

i think i will go google up an evening's entertainment.

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