Ooooo. I got a hot tip after work tonight.

I'll preface this with the caveat that I don't have it confirmed "for sure." But the word going around among lawmakers is that when legislators come back into special session to determine the guilt or innocence of Democratic Senator Dan Sutton for a violation of Senate Rules the Democratic numbers are going to swell by one.

I was informed that the word going around is that Republican Senator Clarence Kooistra (who lost the primary will return for the special session with a grey badge. Meaning that he left last session as a Republican, but for the special session, he's changed parties and will be caucusing with the Dems.

What will this mean? Nothing really unless it comes to a close party line vote. But I'm assured that this will not cut across party lines, and each Senator will be acting on their own judgment in the matter.


Anonymous said…
Adelstein, Duniphan, Duane Sutton, and Ed Olson just as well do the same since that's what they are.
Anonymous said…
And hopefully, they too will follow Clarence's lead and put on gray badges as well. They are welcome to come on over.
Anonymous said…
Does the RCJ thing have anything to do w/it conspiring against your buddy, Lance Russell?

Still can't believe you didn't post on his refusal to show up at a candidate's forum or grant an interview. Would of liked to hear his side of the story.
Anonymous said…
Clarence's last ditch effort to be relevant - what a loon!!

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