3 Senate Seats left out there too close to call.

Klaudt, Hanrahan, and Earley are still too early to call.

Add to that, PUC (Kolbeck lead) and School and Lands (Johnson lead).


Anonymous said…
Klaudt is done.
Earley could go to overtime, especially with the voting irregularities at one of the precincts.
Hanrahan has a shot.. but the tribal precincts probably knock him out.
Anonymous said…
It is over - Maher is in with 565 votes. That is close.
Anonymous said…
When you normally win by 2,000 votes and you end up losing by 565 votes, I would call that a landslide for Maher!

You must remember that Northwestern South Dakota walks and breathes Republican.

Thank you President Bush!
Anonymous said…
Thank you Ted Klaudt. Not like John Thune was up there running for the slot.

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