What's this I'm hearing?

Why am I hearing that Herseth wouldn't take Whalen's congratulatory call?


Anonymous said…
after the bs whalen tried to pull, would you accept his call?
Anonymous said…
Just shows what a stuck-up snobby b*^#h she really is.
Anonymous said…
he never called her.
Anonymous said…
She gets the big C award.
PierreMan said…
Yes, Whalen graciously called Herseth and she REFUSED to talk to him and she ran up on stage and started patting herself on the back and spouting her phony baloney. A real class act The Princess is.
Anonymous said…
looks like the Sweet Little Princess isn't so sweet after all... real nice of her to rub salt in the wound of a decent guy's 35 point loss.

She ranks right up there with Ron Volesky in terms of grace
Anonymous said…
what a made up smear. ask lee breard if he even bothered to get a number where whalen could call her.
Wendy said…
you people have no idea how cut-throat Herseth can be behind the scenes

call her the wolf in princess gown
Anonymous said…
Lee Breard called The Princess' people and got her number and Whalen called Her Excellency and she refused to take the call...instead she ran up on stage where she loves to be and started her act of self-love
Anonymous said…
PP--please verify is this is true...she is truly classless, i guess.
Anonymous said…
What? Nothing yet on the tremendous showing going on in the Seventh Circuit Court race? Lance is looking superb.
MIK said…
Why didn't Stephanie just spit in Bruce's face?

nice gal
Anonymous said…
Sounds like Whalen's final low blow: make up some story after blaming the media for his pitiful campaign.
PP said…
Anon 1:05 - can the race finish before I comment on it? There's 29 precincts left on a 839 vote difference.
Anonymous said…
Did Jarrod win?

that means it's Heidepriem in a coronation for Democrats in 2010
Anonymous said…
don't worry, the media will cover this up because they LOVE the Princess
Anonymous said…
I think it's sad you report rumors like this on your site. RON VOLESKY got more votes then BRUCE WHALEN did. You and the campain sound like sore losers with unsubstanciated cry baby claims. You lost. This is big boy/girl politics, get over it.
Anonymous said…
Hillary, Jr. enjoy it you idiots!
Anonymous said…
And the clintonites took the "w"s of the keyboards. Guess what, that was false too. Whalen was a bad candidate, ran a bad race, had bad staff and even worse party support.

What would the call have been, "say, steph, when are you due or are you going to abort your chief's baby?" I wouldn't take the call either.
Anonymous said…
PS steph, I'm pro-life.
Anonymous said…
Wow! Trash Stephanie for someone
even the Republicans wouldnt
support! His last comments on
TV were totally crazy! He blamed
everyone! The only ones who voted
for him are people who wouldnt
vote for a Democrat, no matter who it
was! I wouldnt take his call
either-lies dont matter to him-
why talk!
The Queen Stephanie talk is
really pretty small considering
how I never hear a discouraging
word about your man John! Not
much about him off fundraising in Virginia while he thumbed his nose
at Dobsen and the rest of the
pro-life community! Dobson noticed
that is for sure!
The way some of you talk of Stephanie,
I am sure Whalen's call would have
been just some of your posts-juvenile! I wouldnt take it either!
Jamie said…
Why would she waste her time with Whalen? Republicans wouldn't.
Anonymous said…
I couldnt have said it better
myself!!!! He is an angry, bitter
Anonymous said…
Put yourself in his moccasins, wouldn't you be angry, too?
dakotan said…
anonymous 8:34am, 10:08, 10:47, 5:30 pm

you talk about rumors? the media and ms h twisted it. those words were written about her, and he was asking her if in fact they were true!

what would you know about Bruce Whalen, his character or the people who worked for him? Hm? Obviously nothing, by what you have written. one should expect those things from a democrat.

how would you feel if the party put you up for a position, and then walked away?? what was spoken about lack of support was truth. did the truth hurt, probably. whalen is a man of integrity, and spoke truth about the lack of support. A man of integrity would NOT brush the truth under the carpet to cover the *ss of the party!! whalen is also a decent man, and that decency brought him to call and congratulate ms h. A bitter man would not have called. A bitter man would have been thinking of how to expose things to the media. A bitter man would be seeking revenge. Whalen did none of those. SD has lost the greatest opportunity of having a man of integrity, a conservative , and pro-birth man representing them in DC.

you obviously don't know the man, or anything about his political race. it is showing in your comments.
Anonymous said…
At least now we know the truth-
you have spoken. I will throw
your words back at you: you
obviously dont know her!
I do know that she graciously
introduced him at an event that
she was at(I think she was hosting some visitors somewhere and he just happened to be there, I cant
remember for sure.I do know it wasnt a scheduled campaingn stop for the two of them.) and the first words
out of his mouth were about the
truth of the allegations that
someone from his campaign staff
wrote! Let's just blame the
media for all of it. I think a
case could be made that the
media should have never mentioned
something like that posting on
Whalen is probably a man of
character, and good for him, but
he certainly didnt compete like
it and I think the vote totals by
Republicans back me up. It
certainly wasnt just us blind and
ignorant Democrats that voted for

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