Thune plays too close to the middle of the road for James Dobson?

Umm.. Err.... Hmmm...

How do you write about Dr. James Dobson saying that he thinks "Senator John Thune sometimes likes to play the middle of the road?"

Well, first off, as a fiscal conservative voter, I could care less what a televangelist thinks.

It's possible that people - even friends as Dr. Dobson calls Thune - might actually disagree on certain issues. In the past Thune has expressed that he supports the ban, but on the most controversial and divisive issue of our time it is possible that he might not be in absolute lock step.

And that's not surprising. There are many within the movement who question whether this was the right approach at this time. There are many within the pro-life movement who subscribe to a philosophy of incrementalism - to chip away at abortion law a little at a time. With parental notification laws as well as other measures they've actually demonstrated success.

Using a football analogy about what happened yesterday, it's at least troubling to hear when someone on the bench comes out to the field and yells at the quarterback for a decision he made at the beginning of the game as the clock ticks down to it's final moments.

Oh - just so you all know what I'm talking about, here's a snippet from the article in today's Rapid City Journal:

But what may have been most surprising about Dobson’s appearance at the Shrine of Democracy was who he criticized. In addition to the usual targets such as the “liberal press” and the ever-present Islamic threat, the staunchly conservative Christian paused to chastise another Christian conservative: Sen. John Thune, R-S.D.

Calling Thune a good friend, Dobson drew appreciative shouts and applause from the crowd occupying the amphitheater when he said Thune should have attended the rally.

Thune, the lone Republican from the South Dakota delegation in Washington, has long been recognized as the state’s most conservative lawmaker and has been a vocal abortion opponent.

Thune staff members said he was scheduled to be in Virginia on Saturday to campaign with Sen. George Allen.

“Senator Thune’s pro-life position is clear and has never wavered,” his deputy communications director Andi Fouberg said in a written statement. “He
wholeheartedly supports a culture of life and the protection of the unborn.”

But Dobson accused Thune of ducking the controversy stirred up by Initiated Measure 6 by being out of state.

“Sometimes, I think John likes to play the middle of the road,” Dobson said. “And this issue is controversial.”

Considering the importance of the issue, Dobson said, it was difficult to understand why Thune choose not to attend. A lot of people worked very hard to get Thune elected to the senate and gave him a lot of money, Dobson said.

Ellie Schwiesow, a Republican candidate for the state Senate in Rapid City’s District 32, echoed Dobson’s sentiments about Thune’s noticeable absence.

“I think it is important that everyone take a firm stand for life at this pivotal time in history,” Schwiesow said in an e-mail she distributed earlier this week. She added that Thune disappointed the Christian community that gave its heart and soul to elect him two years ago when he did not give Referred Law 6 stronger support, she said.

Read it all here.

I'm kind of confused by all of this coming nearly at the finish line for the election.

Because the people backing Referred Measure 6 are the ones who need Thune voters at this juncture. Yes, in a few years, he will want their return support. But today, they need his voters. And I seem to recall he said he voted for it. So why the slap on the hand as if to say "we love you, but you're being a naughty boy"?

If they want to win, they need to get past minor differences and pull together at the end, not start picking things apart. A private "we-need-to-talk-about-this-later" would have served everyone much better than a public disagreement which has spilled into the mainstream media, and will likely remain a story for another couple of days.


Anonymous said…
“Dobson accused Thune of ducking the controversy stirred up by Initiated Measure 6 by being out of state.” “Dobson said, it was difficult to understand why Thune choose not to attend. A lot of people worked very hard to get Thune elected to the senate and gave him a lot of money”

Ellie Schwiesow: “Thune disappointed the Christian community that gave its heart and soul to elect him two years ago when he did not give Referred Law 6 stronger support”.

Oh My God! Doesn't John Thune realize just who James Dobson is! Doesn't Senator Thune want to get elected the next time around? Doesn't Senator Thune realize that this IS his base?

James Dobson was here to help pass an amendment that will stop the killing of babies in South Dakota! Senator Thune’s SOUTH DAKOTA! James Dobson was here fighting for life! Senator Thune was off doing something else! It’s just a few days before the election! It’s not like we have months left to get “6” passed. The election is Tuesday! WE needed Thune’s support NOW!

Well, James Dobson and his followers worked their hearts out in getting Senator Thune elected! James Dobson should get and demand respect from Senator Thune.

James Dobson came to your HOME (South Dakota)and you didn't even bother to show up! Oh sure, you were busy doing other things. But you just remember, it wasn't George Allen that played a major role in getting you elected! You know Senator Thune, James Dobson just might remember what you did to him the next time you come knocking for money and support. Oh sure, you will know who is he then won’t you, because then you NEED him! But where were you when he needed you?

Senator Thune, we elected you to take care of South Dakota! Getting George Allen elected is not on the immediate list of our needs here in South Dakota! Referred Law 6 is in danger of not passing! James Dobson was HERE doing everything he can to save “6”! Senator Thune decided it was more important to help some guy in Virginia!

Senator Thune, you better hope to hell Referred Law 6 is passed, or you might be the one needing George Allen’s help the next election!

PP said “If they want to win, they need to get past minor differences”. Minor Differences! This about life and death! Senator Thune didn’t “stand up” when called upon! Senator Thune “cut and run” on Referred Law 6. He sort of wants to stay "middle of the road". You know, the keep everybody happy theory! It’s just a few days before the election that will decide a life and death issue, and Senator Thune has other things to do! You call this “minor differences”!

Senator Thune,how soon you forget! How soon you forget!
Anonymous said…
Leslee worked to have a law passed that is more conservative than the Rounds and Thune positions. Then she (through Dobson) criticises them for not being enthusiastic supporters.

She would never blame herself for her predicament. Childish.
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately, the GOP is its own worst enemy. I am very dismayed by this and am very worried about the outcome on November 7 because my party can not get its act together.
Anonymous said…
I voted for Thune and my pocketbook last time, but if he does not change his postion on abortion to at least neutral I will do my best to defeat him next time even if I have to vote for a yellow dog
Anonymous said…
Heck! This is the fault of the Liberal Media dragging the good reputation of God-fearing white guys through the mud. Right here in South Dakota!

Last week, the Liberal Media dragged down the Rev. Haggard, lying about his 3-year relationship with a homosexual back-rubber and lying about him getting hopped up on meth. Dang you Liberal Media.

Now the Liberal Media Rapid City Journal is lying about John Thune and the Rev. Dobson. Dobson came here to praise Thune, not bury him, and now it's all mixed up in the Liberal Media.

Liars! There ought to be a law and as soon as Rev. Roger Hunt gets cleared of federal IRS and state campaign finance laws, schemed by the Liberal Media conspirators Keloland and the SooFoo Argus Liar, our Holy Legislature will pass laws outlawing Lying Liberal Media reporters and editors. Just you wait and see! We will also elect Leslee Unruh, our conservative feminist hero, the next Commander of the State Supreme Court.

John Thune is an honorable man. The Blessed Rev. Dobson was merely misquoted. God bless George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and our Holy Mission in Iraq to destroy weapons of mass destruction and Al Kayda! May the Lord our God rain Holy Terror on the Liberal Media before Tuesday.
Anonymous said…
Leslee and Allen Unruh and the other "my way or the highway" types are creating more and more divisiveness. They attack our greatest allies and they are just too smart to listen to anyone.

The truth is that they are politically inept and I hope my fellow pro-lifers never let them touch another campaign.
Anonymous said…
If the GOP does not hold the Senate, there are going to be far bigger problems than not getting HB1215 passed. Senator Thune did the right thing.
Anonymous said…
Post 10:51 AM said “If the GOP does not hold the Senate, there are going to be far bigger problems than not getting HB1215 passed.”

Well, if “6” is defeated, hundreds of babies will be killed every year in South Dakota! The passage of “6” could stop the baby killing all across the United States! Referred Law 6 could get rid of Roe V Wade, and the baby killing across the United States would be stopped!

I’m sorry, but the concern over George Allen getting defeated isn’t even close to the concern of babies being killed! It’s the same old story, talk pro-life but cut and run when you have to stand up! We have had that happen to us for years! You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk. That’s a whole different story isn’t it!

We have heard that same old story for years: “We care about Pro-Life, but we have more important things to deal with at the moment”.

Either your for us or against us! No “middle of the road fence riding” is allowed when it comes to saving the life of a baby!

I voted against Daschle because I didn’t appreciate him running around the United States raising money and campaigning for every Tom, Dick and Harry! I wanted Daschle to take care of South Dakota!

Daschle had other interests that were more important than the issues facing South Dakota so we voted him out! Why in the world would I put up with Senator Thune doing the same thing that caused me to vote against Daschle?

I expect more than lip service from Senator Thune for the support we gave him. We shall see!
Anonymous said…
Hey 10:10, get an editor.

John Thune, aka Jumpshot Jesus, is an unbelievable political operator. As he felt the winds of change on abortion in SD, he's slid to the center.

Remember, this is a guy in his first race in 1996 that accused his opponent of having ties to organized crime.

His opponent, of course did not, but the point was made after two weeks of television.

But, he hey looks good on TV.
Anonymous said…
anon 11:48,
I wish you were right about 6 but you are wrong. If 6 passes, not one life will be saved. The law will immediately be challenged in court and will NEVER make it to the Supreme Court.
Anonymous said…
I love it when the Republicans eat their own.
Anonymousse said…
Watching conservative Republicans go after each other. This is the best entertainment I've had in days!
It's going to get even better when Referred Measure 6 is defeated.
Oh well. Thune wasn't interested in a second term anyway. Was he?
Anonymous said…
Interesting. The Dems and some people on this blog who are preaching (but not practicing) the M word (moderation) can't bring themselves to say that maybe Thune did the right thing as far as the big picture goes. Just like blaming him for Ellsworth for being hit by the Pentagon but not giving him credit for helping to stop it.
Anonymous said…
People get a grip! Thune is doing what he should be doing PROTECTING and DEFENDING/FIGHTING FOR our US SENATE seats.
He has NOT turned his back on this state. Wake up and smell the roses look at the bigger picture.
Anonymous said…
Let's see now:

1. Moderation, always practice moderation. (Oh, of course, moderation. Just preach moderation when babies are being killed!)


And somewhere down the list is STOPPING BABY KILLERS, when it doesn’t interfere with 1 and 2 above!

Yes, that sounds about right!

Except, we are the pro-life party! 365 days a year, not when you pick and choose to be!
Mimi said…
There are many passionate people out there fighting for the rights of the unborn child. Will you be as passionate after the election? Will you adopt or help sponsor an adoption? Will you reach out in kindness (versus judgment)to an unwed pregnant woman? Will you support widespread access to birth control? Abortion will continue whether legal or not--how about we pool our efforts in a truly meaningful way to help end the practice of abortion as birth control.
Anonymous said…
Mimi is right. If there is no middle ground attempt in South Dakota to build a "Culture for life," there will be permanent polarization ... and that will feed hatred. Two churches this morning (Sunday, Nov. 5) in Sioux Falls were "raided" by guys in trucks with bloody fetus pictures. At the UCC, they used their trucks to block both entrances to the church parking lot, and then they yelled and agitated the church members as they passed by.

This tactic and people who drive around in bloody fetus trucks inspire loathing and hatred for their cause. The people who lead their efforts with Measure 6 need to accept some responsibility and actively try to run these goon squads out of the state -- days before the election.

No wonder John Thune wants nothing to do with Ellie's and Dobson's and Leslee's political goofiness. Intollerance and extremism does not bring people together. Avoiding goon squads and ridiculous zealots like Ellie and Dobson is not moving to the middle of the road. It's getting out of the way of crazy people.
Joan said…
4:34 - You summed up the exact problem in a few words. Well said!
Anonymous said…
There is no middle ground concerning Abortion, there just simply can’t be!

Let’s see now, for the past few years there was mutual support between Republicans and the Christian Right. Every republican worshipped the ground James Dobson walked on this past election. Do you mean to tell me that has changed today?

Just tell me, is the Christian Right in or out with our Party at this time? I just want to know. I just want to make sure that I am following the correct Republican Party line.
Anonymous said…
"don't you know who James Dobson is?" says 10:10.

Yep, he's the latest incarnation of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. You remember them, don't you? They guys who gave the White House to Bill Clinton a few years back. Remember? We do.

Oh yeah, we know who is, trust me. When both houses of Congress end up in the Dem's hands Wed. morning, we'll be the ones throwing him and all his minions out of the party.
Anonymous said…
To 4:34 Anon,

You can add Our Savior's Lutheran Church and First Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls to the R2Life Goon Squad's hit list this morning.

I've been told there were more mainstream churches treated to bloody fetus murals, picketers and jeers. The Goon Squad also also left their nasty literature on windshields quoting Jesus' Bible and urging me to vote yes on 6 -- but alas, there was no disclaimer.

I can't imagine that Jesus would drive in a bloody fetus truck jeering at Sunday morning South Dakota church-goers. Why can't these goons just leave good people alone? Why won't Roger Hunt and Leslee Unruh and their secret millionaire pal call the dogs off of church-going women, children and men?

Is this what Mike Rounds had in mind when he signed HB 1215 into law and invited goon squads to harass us at church?

Thank you Governor Rounds for the bloody fetus photos. You said again and again that you thought it was a great idea to put this on the ballot. You called it "a pragmatic approach." A thousand times, thanks Mike. Your plan is working.
Anonymous said…
People know how Thune feels about HB1215! The people at this meeting were (for the most part) there to talk/hear about the cause. I have NO PROBLEM with Thune helping to retain our Republican seats. It does NOT mean he is against ending abortion for birth control and etc! Like I said look at the bigger picture...
VJ said…
5:25 PM "When both houses of Congress end up in the Dem's hands Wed. morning,"... lol

Sorry, that's just not going to happen. The democrats may pick up a few seats in the House, but the Republicans will main control of BOTH Houses!

Wishful thinking on your part, but that's just how it's going to turn out!
Anonymous said…
James Dobson

Who is this no name person anyways he must feel he is important. He doesn't mean anything to me.
Anonymous said…
Maybe women can start opting to become only half pregnant. Perhaps an appropriate middle ground don't you think?
Anonymous said…
Since when is it alright to call quotes from Jesus' Bible "nasty"? Also, I thought the reason queen stephanie and her chief of staff urged the pro-aborts to send this to the ballot, was that they wanted to leave it to the "wiil of the people" and "let the people decide".So, if they lose , wouldn't they abide by the "will of the people", and not go ahead with their lawsuit, or were they just lying to us??
been there said…
I am disappointed that Thune didn't come out and aggressively campaign for both "6" and Whalen. He could have been a good team player and swayed a lot of votes our way, at least done an ad or something. He's been basically moot on both.
Anonymous said…
All a bunch of nonsense. John Thune owe's nothing to Dobson. He's doing what is right for this Country as a whole. Dobson will come begging some day for Thune and Allen's support. WE elect our representation, not Dobson, and George Allen is far more important to the WHOLE than Dobson. We have a war against terrorists to win as well as the war against Planned Parenthood. If Dobson feels badly because he didn't have John at the podium, tough luck..John was doing his job for SD and the greater good of our nation!!!
Anonymous said…
Hey anon 9:35,
Be careful what you ask for. If the ballot initiative fails will your side stop bringing the issue back to the legislature? Or do you not believe in the will of the people?
Anonymous said…
8:45 - How about this as an appropriate middle ground?
I will worry about myself, my health and my body, while minding my own business and not concerning myself with you and what you do with your body. If I have any concerns, I will take those to my doctor and my pastor without worrying about what strangers think.
And you can do the same.
Jim "littlegus" Anderson said…
Thune is a staunch pro life Senator. However, he's been AWOL on this issue. The religious conservatives **are** the Republican base here in South Dakota. Bye the Bye... Dobson didn't trash Thune he, in fine Conservative tradition, rightfully took him to task for his ill thought out Rape and Incest Exception comments. Also, he's not any kind of evangelist, tele or otherwise. Although he would doubtless be honored to be considered a minister, he is not. He is a life long Psychologist.

Although I am still a solid Thune supporter, I believe he made a big mistake distancing himself from the Yes on 6 position, whether we win or not.

Some won't look at the bigger picture and realize, as Dobson does, that he is a good Pro-Life Senator and though they will vote for him again some may do nothing to help him like they did in 2002 and 2004 to win the undecided voters.
Anonymous said…
All the pro-lifers will line up and vote for Thune anytime he asks and he knows it. Quite acting like you might with hold support
Anonymous said…
To the people who are trashing Thune for not showing up at the rally...if the GOP loses the Senate, there will be no chance of possibly adding another conservative justice to the Supreme Court. Which would be a waste is 6 actually passes. Look beyond this election, folks.
Anonymous said…
9:47 AM Post you stated that Thune needs to be out helping others so we could add another conservative justice to the Supreme Court.

I like that idea! But if "6" is defeated, I guess we don't have to worry about the conservative justice voting on Roe V. Wade do we!

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