A seismic shift on the statewide scene as well.

(L) AGER JADE 7716 2 818 818
(D) HEALY BRYCE 147763 48 818 818
(R) JOHNSON JARROD 153485 50 818 818

(D) KOLBECK STEVE 148035 49 818 818
(R) KOSKAN JOHN 141873 47 818 818
(L) SUTTER BEN 9963 3 818 818

Dems give up one constitutional seat in favor of a non-constitutional one. Bryce Healy is out, and Jarrod Johnson is in. But in the PUC, John Koskan fell short about 6200 votes, putting Dems back in the PUC for the first time in 2 years.


Anonymous said…
There goes Koskan nuclear powered home schools.
Anonymous said…
Damn, Lee, Gary and Randy had that spot all picked out for Koskan. Can't believe it didn't work as planned.
Anonymous said…
Sorry to disappoint you guys, but the seat wasn't picked out. John felt that he could make a difference in that position, that he could make South Dakota a better place with higher paying jobs. It's too bad he lost.

I really want to know what anon 7:39's beef is with homeschoolers? are you that childish? Were you out performed by a homeschooler? Do you have an inferiority complex towards them? please do tell.
Mimi said…
Bob would have won. I miss him.
Anonymous said…
9:00 the seat was picked since Koskan agreed to run before Sahr knew of the "rumor." Again, story is that Schoenbeck and Frederick had it all figured out. Good job guys.
Douglas said…
Koskan was a totally inappropriate candidate for a regulatory agency. He stated on public radio that he was opposed to government regulation and that regulators should just get out of the way.

He has a theocratic confidence and arrogance that he is doing God's work. Koskan and his nuclear power idea would have been a heck of deal for big international corporations and a truckload of crap for most South Dakotans.

There are better ways to deal with energy than any Koskan promoted.

The PUC will be better with at least some Democratic voice on it.
Koskan probably had voted as a legislator to restrict the PUC authority anyway.

He will have time to plan his gubernatorial race now.
Anonymous said…
Doug Wiken, would you have the guts to tell half of the mistruths you spew to Koskan himself? Or are you an internet bully and a real life coward. I am guessing the latter. As far as I know he has never spoken about running for governor, do you have an inside track? Since you apparently "know him" soooo well.
Anonymous said…
9:44 how do you know all this inside information?
Anonymous said…
An anonymous guy accusing Wiken of being a coward. Funny stuff.
Douglas said…
speaking of gutless internet cowards, how about all the brave people who post 12:13 as "anonymous".

Anything I have ever said or written about Koskan I will say to his face if he shows up at another public meeting of anykind in the Winner area.

I seldom agree with Steve Sibson on anything, but I agree with him on anonymous posters who spew insults.

Incidentally, "Anonymous 12:13", how do you know so much about John Koskan yourself?

The PUC will be a better place and better for consumers without Koskan. There will still be two Republicans there. A Democrat can add a little pepper to the salt.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Steve!
Anonymous said…
12:13, supposedly Dave Kranz knows all of this and more.
Anonymous said…
I like Koskan and I think he would have been great on the PUC. Those of you opposed to nuclear power must not understand it, or you're reading too many liberal scare stories. Too bad he had to lose since he probably would have beaten Julie B for Senate.
Anonymous said…
Amen mimi - 9:28.

This wouldn't even have been a race if Schoenbeck, Gary Hanson and others hadn't decided to take Bob out of the 2010 gubernatorial picture by spreading lies and misinformation about him. BTW has anyone heard how the "investigation" turned out?
Anonymous said…
Anyone care to know who was advising Jarrod Johnson in his winning race? None other than former GOP chairman Joel Rosenthal. Hmmm - the races Randy is involved with lost and the underdog race Joel is involved with won. Like him or not, Joel knows how to win races, how to lead and how to keep a state party under control. Rounds and the next GOP state chairman should take lessons.

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