The slate is wiped clean... Ready to be written on again

If you haven't noticed, just about all of the election advertising banners are gone from the website, which means that the slate is blank, and ready for new advertisers.

And I might add, traffic has been holding well. For some odd reason, once people start visiting, they keep coming back.

Anecdotally, I get a little uncomfortable hearing from people I know in high elected office noting that they read this website, or even worse, that they're addicted to it. Because all I can think of in my own hypercritical fashion is "Great. And I noticed I misspelled "X" today in my haste to hammer out a couple of posts while I ate lunch.

And even people who start out after the first time reading me tell me to my face "I read what you said and I thought you were way off base" I always hear from them later noting either "good story" or "hey, did you hear about this...."

So, they must enjoy what happens here in spite of me.

Regardless, if you are seeking to put your website in front of the decision makers in government as well as the movers and shakers in South Dakota politics, you might consider advertising here to send them your way. If you've started a politically related website, and want to drive traffic to your website, I'm hosting better than 20,000 visitors a month (over 60,000 website hits).

And they're coming to read original stories, get a quick pulse on the hot topics in the South Dakota Blogosphere, and catch what happening in South Dakota politics at any particular point in time.

So, think about it. And if you're interested, drop me a note.

(And if you're a regular reader who would like to help support the website, there's also the paypal "beg button" on the right.)

Stay tuned. Hopefully for a long time to come.


Anonymous said…
How about those Twins!
Boiled Owl said…
pp. have you ever talked to a real media buyer?
do you you know what a "gross rating point" is?
Anonymous said…
Here we go, Boiled Owl (which sounds gross, by the way) is going to PP rasing the roof with his ad rates.
Have pitty on the poor. hehehe
Anonymous said…
forgot thr word "have" in there. new keyboard, sorry.
Anonymous said…
Forgot the first "i" in raising, too.
PP said…
Yes, boiled, I'm familiar with what GRP is.
Anonymous said…
Why did you take down the pic of Whalen, but not all the others that lost?
Boiled Owl said…
So if I try to convince my clients to buy an ad on your site, how many "grips" do I tell them that they get and what is their cost per point? And what is your demographic segmentation? You sell me. I'll sell them, ok?
chicken man said…
How does boiled owl taste, like chicken?
Boiled Owl said…
Chicken man: Good. Tough.
Anonymous said…
You know, some days it just does not pay to try and type!
Guess that is the case for me trying to type on this page of the blog.
Sorry for all the blunders. I have noticed that my cursor has a hesitation when trying to type thou?? Whats with that??
Anonymous said…
The pictures may be different, but the links are the same. "This space available" will get you, Russell Olson will get you, Stephanie Herseth links to, and Larry Russell will take you to
Anonymous said…
Larry gets you to Dem. Vince Foley's site? My Lord, call out the children of the corn and protest this.
PP said…
Can I finish the updates?

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