Light posting tonight (The fam's in town)

I've started a couple of posts on the nature of the next session for the State Senate that I'm working on, and frankly after putting in a late night.... I'm beat.

On top of that, the family is here for a conference my wife has tomorrow. They're meeting in the House Chambers, so I might have to go snap a picture of that.

So, there's likely nothing else tonight. Family and sleep.

You should probably get to bed early after burning the late oil last night as well.


Anonymous said…
I'm glad to see the 'super majority' trimmed back in Pierre. The last session was not healthy government. I am personally glad to see Early and Klaudt gone and I wish Gant and Greenfield were joining them, but 2 out of 4 is awful good in my eyes. The appropriations committee doesn't walk on water. I wish Bill and Ted well on their new advenutres...
Anonymous said…
State of the Union

One night after the heartbreak to the Bush administration and the knife in the back to the Republican Party, one must sit back and think about where the Bush administration and the Republican Party has gone awry.

I personally was glued to my television flipping channels between Fox News and MSNBC until 1:30am this morning, trying to achieve some sort of understanding as to the current state of the union. After 16 hours of processing the information and speaking to colleagues on both sides of the political isle, I have found some interesting themes about the 2006 general election.

Excerpts from previous posts:

Anonymous states, "The problem of the nation is quite simple, the GOP as a party continues to drift further and further to the right, while Democrats (both nationally and in South Dakota) stay consistently in the middle."

Anonymous gave this invaluable impute, " It is important to remember that the protege is not at the top of the political mountain anymore. Their campaign antics have lessened their credibility and stink of jealousy and immaturity. You have seen how South Dakotans respond to smear campaigns, just ask Senator Dick Kelly (R), as he was upended by the worthy democratic opponent.

As I see it it is time for all American law makers either Republican and Democrat to join hands sing kumbya and come to the center of the aisle. The American people have spoken and it is time for a bipartisan presence on capitol hill and at the local level. I must make one point regarding Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth. As I was watching her victory speech, I became engrossed in her message. She is for South Dakotans working on a bipartisan level. Her platform consists of providing opportunities including healthcare to the Veterans currently serving our democratic society and aiding agriculture in promoting biodiesel and ethanol fuels. I thought it was interesting while watching the Republican response on KSFY after her speech. The response in summary was Herseth is a formidable foe for any Republican, however she should step up and get on more important committee's such as the appropriations committee. Come on, what the Republican said was that the committee's of Veteran's benefits and Agriculture wasn't important. What exactly is important to South Dakota, our brothers and sisters serving our country and the our neighbors growing the crops.

It is time we all get along an become more moderate and more centered in our political views for the betterment of the country.

Anonymous said…
Being in the center is one thing-
it is the compromise-independant-mainstream) what ever name you want to give it. But you have to remember that there is a difference in the thought process of Democrats and Republicans. That is a major factor to consider and most people now days forget (the non overly political person/voter). Both Dems and Reps have their far side membership. People need to remember that instead of fogging the issue.
Herseth herself claimed to be a Dem. So that tells me her thought process is on the left lean side not the right. People just get caught up in her "Bipartisan" statement. Point blank questions have not been asked of her! There are some issues you can ask and should get a direct answer of a no or yes! The media just doesn't ask it! Yes, this could go to both sides!
I do believe that Herseth is in favor of more Governmental control of society. This goes right in line with the Dems theories.
Do SD people think that by electing a Dem they will bring more pork home? We all have seen what the "pork" is doing at the fed level..
Anonymous said…
11:06 - South Dakota elected Herseth because she is more than a one-issue candidate and can speak intelligently on many issues. If you want to get elected, you have to be able to do more than say you love your mother.
Anonymous said…
Anon 1:46
Not sure who that was addressed to but the issue here imo is parties not issues. Though issues/theories are a part of the whole.
The parties need to show the voters that there is a difference in political theories. What the R stands for vs what the D stands for. I do believe there is a difference.
My comment on Herseth is about what she claims herself to be. You can only twist the words so many times. A lawyer,I assume are taught how to play words and she is good at that...
Let's see it goes something like this: I an idependant voice who will and does work in a bipartisan approach...O... I am a Democrat.
Were is the glass cleaner when you need it..
Anonymous said…
Even though I disagree on her stance on abortion, this is one Republican who voted for Herseth because she voted correctly, in my view, on a lot of things that are important to me and to South Dakotans. So I have high hopes for her statements that she will continue to work in a bipartisan way. I REALLY hope she means it and will not walk in lockstep with radical liberal Nancy Pelosi. We'll see. Ms. Herseth, please don't disappoint the people who crossed party lines to help elect you.
Anonymous said…
Refering to the previous post: "Well said"
Anonymous said…
I very much disagree with her stance on abortion. I also disagree with her stance on minors crossing the boarder. Odds are that you also disagree with her voting against protecting young girls and lets not forget another important factor the RIGHTS OF PARENTS!
Like I said she has spent since 04 saying she is an independant voice working in a bipartisan fashion. She only throws in the Dem bit rarely! and she was a "me too" as i heard the saying from some good Republicans. Why didn't she run as a Dem why not a Independant. HUMM, Why is she voting more Rep than Dem.??? Let's see she lives in a rather Rep state. Believe me she is going to have to keep her liberal base here and to get anywhere in DC she is going to have to sing a different tune!! It might not be today or tomorrow but it will be sooner than later consider what just happen at the national level.
Someone else has done the same... thing before.

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