Dang it. They picked up a percentage point.

( ) NO 294747 89 818 818
( ) YES 35640 11 818 818

Darn it. I was hoping for the 90-10 to stand. I guess I'll just have to be satisfied with a 78% spread against the JAIL for Judges goofs.

And for all future discourse on this website about the JAIL movement (which I hope is really, really limited if non-existent), JAIL publicist Bonnie Russell will forevermore be known as "11% Russell."


Anonymous said…
I think there were more signature to put this terrible thing on the ballot than there were votes to pass.
Please confirm.
Anonymous said…
It's going to be close..
Anonymous said…
Where is Bill Stegemeyer? I would love to hear what he has to say about this.
Tim said…
Even if there were more signatures than votes, I don't know that it is indicative of anything (other than perhaps JAIL's utter failure).

I generally sign most petitions to put something on the ballot. Just because I will help someone exercise their right to put something to a vote doesn't mean it will get my vote. I think that is true of many people.
Anonymous said…
I think people wised up once word got out on what the petition they signed really meant to SD.

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