She hates us. She really really hates us.

Tim Gebhart and I must be getting to Bonnie Russell over at

Aside from calling us blieggers (a creative play on bloggers and liars) she crafts another clever play on my name that I hadn't heard since grade school.

Challenged by wit and intelligence like that, I'll have to steel myself for next being called a "booger" or a "poopyhead."

After they lose Amendment E on Tuesday, if the Californians come back to inflict another ballot measure on us, I may have to set up my nine year old on the Anti-Amendment E blog to challenge Bonnie's witticisms.

But that might be unfair. Because I think Bonnie would quickly find herself outmatched.


Anonymous said…
The fact that you delete her comments just because you can is pathetic.
Anonymous said…
it's jis blog and he can choose to do with it whatever he so deems, crybaby anon 10:57 so there. na na na na boo boo
Anonymous said…
I meant his not jis... lol
pinocchio said…
I just read Bonnie's post.

Which is crazier? Her or Amendment E?

A toss-up indeed.
PP said…
Anon 10:57 - Anything is worth doing if it's funny. And deleting Bonnie's comments is dang funny, because it clearly gets to her.
nonnie said…
According to the KELO poll last night, Amendment E will pass. Can that be right???
mhs said…
nonnie, if it passes it has to go down as one of the worst campaigns in recent years. Some of the no spots, like the empty courtroom were ok. The "amendment jeopary" is a disaster and is in heavy, heavy rotation on nearly every radio station (yes, I pound the memory buttons while I drive: bad habit)

This amendment is so insidious the foes should have just had Thune and Johnson sit side by side in a simple bi-partisan spot and say why you should trust their judgement and vote no. They would both have done so in a heartbeat. I'm guessing so would have Rounds and Billion, but, two senators who are not running this year would have been best.

The media consultants let the No folks down big-time on this one. The No folks then failed again when they didn't put a new strategy together immediately after the KELO poll came out.

Bonnie and company have the luxury of unaccountability on their side. They can say whatever the hell they want without caring. You can't win a fight like that with logic, and certainly not with poking fun at E the way the game show spots have.
johnnie w. said…
I would agree that Amendment E is the worst ballot initiative this year.

Perhaps Attorney General Larry Long should have spent some time across the state speaking out against this measure. Instead, of course, Larry spent a majority of his time campaigning against medical marijuana.

The medical marijuana bill makes good sense. Amendment E does not. Larry, why did you waste the state's resources on medical marijuana.
Anonymous said…
The irony here is that Larry Long will have to defend Amend E if it passes. That would be pretty dang funny.
Bonnie said…
Pat Powerless has zip credibility because much like the bully on the playground, what he doesn't like, like the truth, he tries to cheat at by deleting. Much like someone else recently in the news, Pat Powerless is a deceiver.

Pat will give you all the long as it matches what he thinks it should. How dopey is that?

And yes, if he deletes this I'll post it elsewhere.

Truth rules.
Anonymous said…
Is Bonnie f*ing retarded or just plain whacked?

No wonder she failed a psych exam and had her kid taken away. Her daughter was probably too mature for her to handle.
Anonymous said…
Eddie, good for him. The MM bill is a waste of time and would contradict federal law. look at CO. They have a law that says you can smoke marijuana, but federal law says you can't have any in your possession. (sp?) so therefore if you get pulled over and have it on your person, you can be hauled off, and rightly so
Anonymous said…
Another uninformed voter. The Feds don't arrest or prosecute medical marijuana patients. It just doesn't happen, no matter how much you wish it did.

Hopefully you're more educated about the other ballot issues in SD this year.
Anonymous said…
I thought this was supposed to be about Amendment E? I voted NO because I was on a jury and I would not put it past the lowlife child abuser we justly convicted to sue us.
Anonymous said…
I voted yes, just because PP is such a dick to Bonnie.
PP said…
Well anon, I guess they get one.

And it's probably not much more than they're going to get, period.
Anonymous said…
anon 10:30
prove that they don't arrest them. I saw numerous drug busts in Sturgis this year. I sincerely doubt that if they said it was for medicinal use that they would have been let off. Get informed
Anonymous said…
You saw federal law enforcement officials making pot busts in Sturgis? LOL. Sure you did.

Lay off the whiskey, dude.
Anonymous said…
"There aren't enough federal resources on the entire planet to handle ounce size marijuana possession," Jeffrey Sweetin, a DEA agent said. "Your viewers should understand if this passes, we're really legitimately legalizing an ounce of marijuana. They're not going to be prosecuted."

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