I think we can about consider Heidepreim/Kelly done

(D) HEIDEPRIEM SCOTT 2430 57 8 12
(R) KELLY DICK 1842 43 8 12

With 4 precincts left to report in, 57-43 is going to be a tough margin to make up. Unfortunately, Republicans are likely to have to contend with Scott as he prepares his run for higher office by serving in the legislature.

(D) HOERTH ALAN 2282 50 7 13
(R) LATTERELL ISAAC 2311 50 7 13

District 3 is looking like it might be a win in the GOP column. There's still lots of votes left to come in, so we'll keep watching this nailbiter.

(R) HAUGE ARLEN (ARNI 843 51 4 21
(D) KROGER MIKE 811 49 4 21

Another nailbiter - lots of things hanging on the edge tonight.


Anonymous said…
looks like the ads backfired...or maybe they worked to reduce the margin.
sdmoderate said…
District 25 is a win for the GOP no matter which candidate wins, Kroger may have a "D" after his name but that's about the only thing democratic about him.
Anonymous said…
Heidepriem will take down GOP in 2010
Anonymous said…
Isaac is behind now!! crap
Anonymous said…
32 votes! Recount in Dist 3?
Anonymous said…
Kelly decides to work w/3 weeks out. Too late. Sorry guys.
Anonymous said…
The GOP should be ashamed of themselves. Wasting a ton of money on Rounds, Long, Nelson, Sattgast, and Larson, and leaving Latterell out to dry!! They should have won this easily!!
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I guess you're right. Latterell is a big deal just like Rounds and Long. NOT!
Anonymous said…
Based on the amount of advertising Latterel did, he obviously didn't need the state GOP checkbook. I'm sure his campaign finance report will point to a couple obvious and expected sources. Lee S. you really screwed up this time. You and your cronies underestimated the intelligence of South Dakota voters.

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