He's kidding, right?

According to Kate Turnbow over at the Capitol Journal today, there's at least someone left over from election night who can't take a hint:
Bill Stegmeier is not giving up.

Stegmeier, the orginator of Amendment E, said despite a resounding defeat at the polls Tuesday, that this is only the beginning for judicial accountability.

Amendment E, the ballot initiative aimed at bringing more accountability to judges, was voted down by 89 percent of South Dakotans.

But before bringing any more ballot proposals to the people of South Dakota in two years, Stegmeier, a businessman from Tea, said his next step is to commission a statewide poll to test the legitimacy of the amendment's overwhelming loss at the polls.


"It will be the type of polling used when there's a possibility or suspicion of voter fraud, and evidently this type of polling is going on all over the country," Stegmeier said.
Read all of the craziness here.

So, not only is he saying he's bringing his style of paranoid goofiness back in two years, he's also alleging fraud in... oh, every single voting precinct in the State of South Dakota.

But what would you expect from someone who believes that 9/11 was a government plot?

So, in 2008 prepare yourself for more of the same. Ugh.


Anonymous said…
Still not willing to make it more difficult to get things on the ballot, PP?
Anonymous said…
Put the word out for people to refuse to participate in the poll.

People also need to be aware that it may not be a good idea to sign every ballot petition they are asked about.

The people canvassing for E and D were very misinforming. They didn't have any brochures and could not or would not clearly explain what the ballot issue was for or would do. They would tell you it was for "judicial accountability" or "fair property tax". They would not provide more information. I really made one guy mad for not signing his ballot. I told him if he could not explain exactly what it does I'm not signing.

What is up with Billy and Leslee Unruh refusing to deal with the reality that they lost? At least Whalen admitted he lost even if he tried to blame the media.
Anonymous said…
The petitioners were getting paid $2.50 a signature (for E any way), I would be pissed too, if you didn't sign! :D
Haggs said…
Anon 1:35, just because some people abuse the initiative process, it doesn't mean that we should make it harder for legitimate petitions to get on the ballot.
Anonymous said…
Haggs is right. Who would determine what an "appropriate measure" should be. The state Supreme Court has decided that the words in the state constitution don't mean anything so we don't want them doing it. We may just have to deal with things as they are and trust the intelligence of the voters. I would say they did a pretty good job this cycle.
Anonymous said…
Has anyone calculated the cost to the taxpayer (via the State) for putting an I & R on the ballot? It seems to me it's probably a moneymaker, net on the net. Ref 6 brought in $4 million alone, most of it from out of state.

Too bad there's no tax on advertising, huh?

(...bites tongue)
Anonymous said…
Why is the press even covering this? Why is this news? Additionally, make Bill disclose where his money is coming from. If he doesn't report it, throw his butt in jail.
Anonymous said…
I worked at a polling place in Sioux Falls on election day, and a man came into our precinct reporting that his wife and brother (or brother-in-law, I don't remember) were the two who came to a SF polling place (not mine) to discover they were listed as having already voted. I saw Amendment E supporters mention this specific instance as evidence of widespread voter fraud.

We asked the man if the two tried to resolve the issue at the polling place (it would have been easy - you could have checked the sign-in sheet to find out if it was a clerical error or a true instance of fraud - which seems unlikely because someone would have to present false ID in order to vote) and he said no. We asked if he wanted us to call the auditor for him, and he said "Eh...I guess we'll call later, or something."

Obviously not a huge deal to him.
Wild Bill said…
Bill Stegmeier couldn't point out one legitimate instance of judicial misconduct in South Dakota. He's channeling Don Quixote, fighting the imaginary. Time for little Billy to grow up and quit being afraid of the big bad monsters under his bed.
poliglut said…
Quit giving this guy publicity. He and his anarchist friends are crack-pots.

Initiated law and amendment petitions should be fulfilled with a proportional geographical distribution.
Anonymous said…
Sort of reminds of the petitioners who circulated the referral of HB1215, who said "Did you know Gov. Rounds is against women? Sign this!" Thye WOULD NOT let signers read the petitions they wanted them to sign.
Anonymous said…
I circulated petitions for 1215. I would be interested to know specifically which circulators did what you describe above. Where did you encounter them? In what city? Who were they?

Specifics please, because I think you're...embellishing things quite a bit, if not making this up entirely.
Anonymous said…
Anon 8:39 -- you must have had your head in the sand if you didn't know what HB1215 was anyway. I had the same experience with an E petition circulator, fortunately, I had already heard about E and refused to sign it -- it did piss him off. On the other hand, I sought out an HB1215 and wished I could have signed it twice.
Anonymous said…
I heard a lot of whining from people who said they signed E petitions or D petitions or HB 1215 petitions because they later found that the issues were "misrepresented" by the people gathering signatures. Well, peoplei, quit whining. Don't you know that you shouldn't sign anything you're not sure of???? Idiots!!!
Anonymous said…
Sorry, I left out a word in my 8:16 post...I heard a lot of whining from people who said they signed E petitions or D petitions or HB 1215 petitions THEN later found out that the issues were "misrepresented" by the people gathering signatures. Well, people, quit whining. Don't you know that you shouldn't sign anything you're not sure of???? Idiots!!!
Anonymous said…
No one "misrepresented" when I signed the petition for Amendment D. I received a brochure with the whole amendment printed out and I read it for my self. It was very plain and easy to understand.
Anonymous said…
7:47 PM - Is there a possibility that these people were not telling the truth about whether or not they were voting? Could they have been trying to set the stage for some type of a complaint?

It seems strange that they didn't take the issue further so that they could vote. Then again, it might all be just as they said it was - especially if any of the election workers knew the people.

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