Schoenbeck involved in latest scandal to hit South Dakota

Senator Lee Schoenbeck was recently quoted on the latest scandalous controversy to hit South Dakota:
"Lee Schoenbeck, a Watertown lawyer and outgoing State Senator says he has hunted only once with poodles. As his group worked a deep slough, the poodles stayed on the edges while the labs charged into the snow," he said.

"That cemented his opinion: If you're hunting in heavy cover, as hunting dogs, they're pretty good house pets."
However the Argus reported that when asked about the poodle controversy, State Senator Ed Olson noted that the dog choices of Senators should be held confidential to protect their breed, and if Schoenbeck had shown up for Olson's obedience training meetings, he'd know that.

Okay - the Olson part was a joke. Smile. Election day is here. It's almost over.

Remember to get out and vote and enjoy your freedoms.


Anonymous said…
Is this you trying to put a smiley face on Schoenbeck? Won't work. He's done.
Anonymous said…
Yes. Lee has done his job as President Pro Tempore very well. He's got my vote for Gov.
Anonymous said…
Ted Haggard claims he only hunted once with poodles too.
Anonymous said…
anon 1:22
Thanks for the comment Lee
Anonymous said…
Schoenbeck is anything but done. He will continue to be viewed as a leader and will be a factor in SD politics for years to come. He also has my vote for governor when the time comes.
lee's evil twin said…
thanks Lee, continue your anonymous comments
Anonymous said…
Funny how so many of you blast Heidepriem and Turbak for being sue happy millionaire lawyers but give Schoenbeck a pass. I guess being a sue happy millionaire lawyer isn't a big deal so long as their politics mirror yours. Hypocrits.
Anonymous said…
Just stay away from Cheney today!
Anonymous said…
I agree, Lee Schoenbeck has my vote for Governor if he decides to run. SD needs a real, true leader in Pierre again.

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