Election Night. Where the War College will be stationed..

I'll be down at the election party in Pierre supposedly running the big screen (or so I'm told). I'll be doing some live blogging, photos, you name it.

I also have an interview with SD Public Radio at some point during the night.

If any media outlets are looking for election night commentary, you can e-mail me at dakotawarcollege@yahoo.com and I'll get you my cell number. I'm happy to do it, as long as you give the blog props.

Otherwise, come on down and enjoy the fun.


Anonymous said…
Where's the party?

Do you have to be a Republican to get in?

What if I can't stand SDWC? Am I still invited?
Anonymous said…
Maybe you should try going to something CCK or Daily Kos is putting on. I bet Epp will be blogging right along maybe he could use some help.
Besides, I think SDWC knows how to stand...he seems to be standing rather tall lately with the numbers so far.
Humm, something must be going right.

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