Whalen Availability

I guess Bruce is hanging out at the same party I'm at tonight:

Press Advisory Contact Communications
11-7-2006­­­­­­­­ Lee Breard 605-430-7629

RAPID CITY – Bruce Whalen will be at the following locations today waving to the voters!

Bruce Whalen, Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress, will be waving to voters at St. Michaels Church from 7:30-8:15 this morning.

Bruce will then wave at Memorial Middle School from 8:30-9:15

Bruce will wave at the Our Saviors Lutheran Church 9:30-10:15

Bruce will be at Campaign Headquarters rallying the volunteers from 10:30-11:00 this morning. 2127 S. Minnesota Ave.

Bruce moves to the Center for Active generations to wave at voters from 11:15-12:00

The next stop in town will be at Sioux Vocational Services from 12:15-1:00

Followed by waving at 3601 S. Minnesota from 1:15-2:00

Bruce will finish his waving to the voters tour with a stop at Zion Lutheran from 2:15-3:00

Bruce will then make his way towards Pierre for the Victory Party at the Ramkota starting at 7:00 pm tonight.
See you there.


Anonymous said…
"Bruce will then make his way towards Pierre for the Victory Party at the Ramkota starting at 7:00 pm tonight."

Good for Bruce. He's done @ 7:01.
Anonymous said…
but he wont be celebrating a victory for himself...
Anonymous said…
Regardless of the outcome it takes a lot for someone to put their self out there.
The same goes for any race in the political arena.
Anonymous said…
I voted straight Republican except for Bruce. Sorry. He just wasn't a good candidate, but does deserve credit for putting himself out there, as 1:11 said. I am disappointed in my party for not being able to come up with a more viable candidate.
Anonymous said…
Waive bye-bye Bruce. See ya!
Anonymous said…
waiving tour?

Anonymous said…
I wonder what he told the volunteers he was rallying this morning?

"You worked so hard I may get to 30%. Keep getting identified voters to the polls ... Oh, you already got all 10 of them to vote?"
Anonymous said…
You gotta admit, this guy is a little pathetic, no?
Anonymous said…
No one waves like Bruce, no one
Anonymous said…
He's prolife. Thought that would be enough.
mtn flwr said…
If you think Bruce wasn't a good candidate, it is because you don't know him! Bruce won't be done at 7:01 pm, in fact his work will have just begun. The victory will be the Lord's .

Obviously anonymous is synonymous with democrat. Be these comments from one or more people, it doesn't matter...your attempts to discourage are not working!! Go back home and tell Ms Herseth.

Actually, being Pro-Life isn't exactly it. He is "Pro-Birth", unlike his opponent who is pro-death. Can't cut it any other way.

The people that have volunteered for the Whalen Campaign have more heart than many people out there. They also have the same vision Bruce has. I am sorry you lack the vision. But then, I should not be surprised, since you are not a real Republican.

Take you bitterness and go play in someone else's playground.
Anonymous said…
The victory will be the Lord's."

So...will the defeat be the Lord's as well? Let me know.


Republican Anon.
Anonymous said…
My criticism of Bruce's candidacy in 1:20 was not meant to attack him personally and I apologize if it seemed that way. I am sure he is a sincere person and, having worked on unsuccessful campaigns elsewhere, I understand the hard work of people who believe in his candidacy and the guts it takes to declare oneself a candidate against long odds. I just wish, again, that the SDGOP had found someone who could have been a better match against Herseth. Frankly, I think there are going to be bigger problems for the SDGOP after tonight when they get a rude wake-up call on ballot issues and legislature results.
Anonymous said…
If any of you had honestly met Bruce and listened to him and talked to him, you could not call him a poor candidate. He is very intelligent and worked very hard. Perhaps the media did him no favors and he had little money, was that his fault?

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