Nothing like a little parting shot as Volesky leaves the room

OUCH. The SDDP took a big swing at Volesky as he figuratively left the room of this year's elections as recounted by the Argus Leader:
Don Carr, press secretary for the state Democratic Party said the party supported Ron Volesky in his run for attorney general, but financial priorities were with other races this year.


The Democratic Party didn’t provide any financial support but did provide Volesky with staffing for debate preparations and fund raising, Carr said.

“The Republican Party has more resources than we do, and we have to target our limited resources on the races we think we have the best chance of winning,” Carr said.
Read it all here.


Anonymous said…
Don't discount that Larry Long ran a great campaign against one of the better known politicians in South Dakota.
Anonymous said…
Volesky and the SDDP should have won this race hands down. Volesky was the much better choice.

Too bad the SDDP didn't realize that.

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