What's with some of these results tonight?

This year, the only constant is that things are happening that one might not expect. And it's not just "not expecting them" the results are downright wild.

In a county where Amendment D lost 84-16%, Jim Hundstad, one of it's prime backers beat challenger Brian Johnson by 1400 votes.

Isaac Latterell, who the GOP donated $250 to his campaign (in effect writing it off after polling) lost against a handpicked democrat by only 32 votes. Which meant that race was very winnable.

Contrast that with Arlen Hague, a newcomer with no legislative experience who ended up facing a handpicked legislative vet who had been on the ballot several times before. And he beats him.

With 13 precincts still left to report, Ted Klaudt who has never lost a race including a couple of primaries, is running behind a Democrat.

Dennis Schmidt who after handily winning a primary, was very publicly exposed as screwing up his party and his petitions. But he goes on to dominate the general election (2 precincts left, 600 votes up).

The 2 down ticket statewide races are the most competitive things on the ballot.

We vote against gay marriage. But we also vote against banning abortion.

We vote to tax ourselves twice - once on tobacco, and we vote to keep a tax on cell phones.

I think it's going to take several days to figure this one out.


johnnie w. said…
PP, Did you get a chance to congratulate Larry Long for all his hard work against cancer patients and IM4?

I know you're surprised at how close this measure will end up.

Without Larry Long traveling the state non-stop against the medical marijuana initiative, this measure arguably would have passed.

He must sleep well tonight knowing how victorious he was. Congrats, Larry Long.
Anonymous said…
I didn't get to personally thank Larry But alot of other people did. He did a great thing by stopping this rediculous initiative. too bad for potheads.
Anonymous said…
Of course, getting over 150,000 not to vote for Amendment C seems to be an effort worth honoring since it is a high percentage (still 52-48) and the SDFamily Policy Council was probably assuming it would be as big a landslide as Amendment D's race...
Anonymous said…
What so many people don't realize is that it is still a federal crime. If one gets caught,even though it might be legal in the state, thay can and do lose any college assistance.

Just read about a pot smoker from Aberdeen who lost his, the federal courts upheld it. What a few puffs could cost you, even if it's legal in the state.
Anonymous said…
"What so many people don't realize is that it is still a federal crime."

Well, if they read the AG's ballot explanation, they knew it. It was right on there.
Anonymous said…
I can't figure out how "F" lost so badly. I never heard one ad or read one letter against it. There were good letters to the editor explaining it. Yet it lost 2 to 1. Shows how unpredictable and inconsistent voters can be.
Anonymous said…
F was the one altering the legislative article to the Constitution. The State spent a lot of money doing that. Thanks ,Bill Peterson,
Anonymous said…
I'm also surprised that "5" on the Gov's plane passed. Usually when in doubt people vote "no". I heard a lot of good ads against this, but I don't recall a single one for it. Do people really know what they did? It's far too restrictive, actually rediculous, and will end up costing the state more since now if the Gov wants to combine events, he will have to rent a charter and bill the State for it's share.

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