Rounds giving his thank you speech right now.

I'm posting this as the Governor is giving his acceptance/thank you speech - great stuff.

He thanked Billion and noted that he spoke with him tonight, and the two agree that they started the campaign as friends, and they've ended it as friends.

Got to get back to listening.


johnnie w. said…

If you or anyone in Pierre at the Convention see Larry Long tonight, I have a message for him:

A friend of mine from South Dakota called and said if they ever got cancer, they would smoke a joint in Mr. Long's front yard. His opposition to the medical marijuana law disgusts my friend.

Please let him know this.

Eddie Welch
Anonymous said…
Eddie, sounds like your a sore loser. tell your friend to try it and see what happens. It would show how many brain cells your friend has truley lost.
Anonymous said…
your = you're

truely = truly

anonymous = idiot
johnnie w. said…
Answer this anonymous:

If you get cancer, do you care if you lose a few brain cells?

Let me answer it for you: No.

Pat, please tell Larry what my friend said. He must feel proud tonight.
Anonymous said…
why would he tell Larry, oh this loser guy named Eddie wants me to tell you that his friend is stupid and a pothead.
I for one would not smoke pot if a gun was held to my head. Sorry some of us have higher standards then you Eddie
Anonymous said…
then = than

it's a good thing you won't smoke pot, anon 10:54. you really don't have any brain cells to spare.
Anonymous said…
work = tired
job = income
typing = not necessarily my strong point apparently

jobless = eddie
Anonymous said…
Pretty close though, eh? I reckon medical marijuana will be back next time. Hard to imagine it not passing at some point, no?
Anonymous said…
medical marijuana....BS. if that measure had been drafted for cancer victims, it would have passed by a landslide.

but the BC Bud Boys wanted to be able to light up while driving over to pizza hut. "DUDE, my knee is acting up again, fire up that pipe."

Not on my highway, thanks just the same.

get a clue, eddie and newland, redraft that thing so that it really is strictly limited to cancer, and not just "chronic pain..." and it will pass. Chronic pain? i get that every time i work out at the gym.
Anonymous said…
First Lady a Walmart Shopper?

At the risk of sounding like Joan Rivers what was up with the low class outfit the Governor's wife wore to the Victory celebration the other night. Did she forget she is the first lady and a dress may have been more appropriate?

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