Amendment E - You're going to set a new record.

( ) NO 55467 90 171 818
( ) YES 6181 10 171 818

I think we're going to set a new South Dakota record tonight. A new record for a ballot measure getting utterly destroyed.

Somehow, I don't think an 80% deficit is going to be easy to make up.


Abraham Lincoln said…
To paraphrase me: You can fool some of the people (about 10%), but you can't fool all of the people.
Anonymous said…
Well done, Bonnie!

To think, that worthless propaganda machine out of Sioux Falls (KELO/Argus) has shown this up as recently as Sunday night.

Who DO they poll?
Anonymous said…
anon 9:57,
I hear that KELO polled BS, Jake Hanes , Bonnie Russell and two other normal South Dakota voters
Anonymous said…
I've lost a lot of money on this, thanks Argus L. My God, my faith has been restored in the intelligence of the SD voter. Tom Barnett, I want my contribution back.

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