What are these guys looking at.

What are Doug Loen (with the SD GOP), Tony Venhuizen (with the Rounds campaign) and Secretary of State Chris Nelson looking at?

It's actually a cool Microsoft Excel module written by Tony and PUC Commissioner Dusty Johnson about two years ago. Called "Zeitgeist" this program will graphically display election results for any race on a big South Dakota map.

Based on historical data, Tony also claims that once returns come in, this program can project the winner with as few as five counties, and do so rather accurately.

(Where do they get those wonderful toys? I've got to get a copy). Dusty, I'll trade you a SDWC picture up top. (call me)

I'm looking forward to seeing it in action tonight.


Anonymous said…
I'm glad Dusty Johnson is spending my taxpayer dollars developing software toys for GOP campaign nerds.

Go for it guys!
For a new SD GOP said…
Yeah Dusty "I can't wait to run for Governor because Rosenthal wants back in the game" Johnson.

It's Doug Lohen in the picture. The biggest waste of GOP opposition research money in the state this year. They guy is a dinosaur from the Janklow days and needs to go back.
PP said…
Anon 6:44, did you not catch the part where he developed it 2 years ago?

That would be BEFORE he was elected.

Dumb ass.
Anonymous said…
6:46, dumb ass!
Anonymous said…
PP said dumb ass!

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