The earliest concession speech in SD History. Volesky concedes.

With a report coming in at 5:42PM at the Argus Leader, Ron Volesky took a cold, hard look in the mirror of reality and announced "I'm out."
Before the polls are even closed, Ron Volesky, Democrat candidate for attorney general, has conceded the race to incumbent Larry Long.

“I want to congratulate Larry on his victory,” Volesky’s statement read. “He ran a brilliant campaign, and I was told Mr. Long had some really nice TV ads.”

Volesky, who couldn’t immediately be reached for further comment, said he would never again run for public office.

Republican incumbent Larry Long had not seen Volesky's concession statement early Tuesday evening, but did speak with him earlier in the day.
Read it all here.


Anonymous said…
It would be REALLY awesome if Ron pulled a Dewey and actually won , that would be funny!
Anonymous said…
if the Democrats keep advancing MORONIC candidates like Volesky and Mary Giebink and Kloucek they deserve to be treated as they are
Anonymous said…
this race was never about volesky. the Rs wrote him off, then the Ds wrote him off, and rightly so.

that meant that the election was about whether people were comfortable with the job that larry long was doing.

they were. game over.

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