Nice ad. Too bad he doesn't have any money to run it.

I'd argue this is the best ad that Billion has done to date. It's the kind of thing he should have been running 6 months ago.

But without any significant funds to run it in the kind of rotation it needs, eh. I suspect this is going to be a case of too little, too late.


Anonymous said…
Last in education??? South Dakota students consistently score among the highest in the nation. Billion is very good at throwing out statistics that have no basis in fact. He commented Saturday on a radio broadcast that SD as a whole is also ranked 50th in wages. The fact is SD is ranked 25th in disposable income. It's not so much that Billion lies, it's that so much of what he says is just not so.
Anonymous said…
Hey 5:59 anonymous - Again, we need to start listening and reading for content.

Last in wages - according to the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. I don't know - they might be an authority on the topic. Maybe you should try a little thing called "Google."

Also - I think 50th in teacher salary is last. But, I may be wrong.
Anonymous said…
Billion did say we are "last in education". He didn't say salaries. 5:59 is right on. Also, I think Jack needs a wider louder tie.
Anonymous said…
Shouldn't Jack have made sure that baby in the ad was aborted? You know, one more leech we'll have to provide medical care and education for!
Anonymous said…
anon 6:08
So let's talk about teachers pay. SD is ranked 51st in teachers salaries. But guess what, salaries are set by local schools. The most acurate comparison is school expenditures per pupil. That number for SD is $7618 which ranks 33rd in the nation. North Dakota is ranked 43nd yet they still manage to pay their teachers more than we do.
Anonymous said…
Billion lost all credibility when he did nothing but attack Referred Law 6 in his first ad.

He was used as a puppet for the out state pro-abortion organizations and the people of South Dakota saw right through that.

Nice try with this ad, but I will still vote to SEND BACK JACK!
Todd Epp said…
When did Jack start wearing ties again?
Anonymous said…
I thought it was strange that he is shown pulling up his tie to start the commercial when his slogan refers to a pin on tie.

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