From earlier tonight. Yes, I'm here.

Here I'm in a photo taken by Katie Duenwald (Senator Duenwald's daughter), as I sit with Scott Olson of the Hughes Co. GOP. waiting for things to begin tonight.


Publisher said…
Pardon the ignorance, but which one are you. BTW Duenwald is my State Seator. Small world!
Anonymous said…
Pat is the cute one!
Anonymous said…
he is the one in the front. in front of the laptop.
Publisher said…
Glad that was cleared up. Neither one was wearing pajama bottoms, hence the confusion!
Anonymous said…
They welcome you now, PP. Why not at convention? Nuts, hypocrites?
Anonymous said…
you have to admit...there is a vein of humor that runs throughout not only pat powers' postings...but that same humor runs in the postings of his detractors and commentators as well. Pat takes a return of serve pretty well. (no, this is not pat posting on himself.)

at first i didnt like anonymous postings. but maybe it gives me a way to talk to my fellow repubs without the clutter of names. and this blog gives me a peek at what the other side is thinking. that aint a bad thing...sometimes they are right...sometimes they have ideas too.

heres to pat got your chin out there a mile, and its healthy for all of us to shoot at the ducks you put up in the air. keep going!

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