Napoli - he's back.

you may vote for up to 1
William "Bill" Napoli (REP) . . . . 3,648 52.70
Theresa Spry (DEM) . . . . . . . 3,274 47.30

Napoli is returning for another legislative session. And BTW, this is a picture he sent to me a week or so ago of one of his best supporters. Go Bill!


Anonymous said…
Wonderful! I look forward to hear more of his crazy "sodomized virgin" stories.
Anonymous said…
You're a sick one.
Anonymous said…
Love the picture! Napoli has never looked better!
VJ said…
Well, there will never be a dull session with Napoli around! lol
Anonymous said…
Has anyone ever seen the actual video of Napoli's "sodomized religious virgin" speech? It's about a billion times more horrifying to see it in person than when you just read it. Check it out:

Napoli's Sodomized Religious Virgin Moment

It's absolutely incredible we sent this buffoon back to represent us.
Anonymous said…
Ever now and then a good hard working man is sent to the legislature, the man is Sen. Bill Napoli, thank god "Napoli is back." What a darling smart gal.
Anonymous said…
28 years from now, that little girl will probably be governor. God bless the future and what it holds.
Bill Napoli said…
Thank you for the wonderful commments. Thank you PP for posting the picture of this beautiful Republican child.
Oh did I mention, the religious virgin called me last night, and congratulated me on my win and thanked me for standing up for all rape victims.
I would rather be a radical extremist, than an adelstien political slut.
Thanks again, I'm looking forward to 2 more wonderful years with all you anons, especially you whacked out left wing liberals.
Bill Napoli
P.S. Anon 12:05, Yes this sweet little girl will make a great Governor!
You should here her sing "I'm A Republican!" It's awesome!
Anonymous said…
Can you say brainwashed?
Anonymous said…
At least his kooky amendment d didn't pass... that would have done much more harm that napoli himself could have done.
Anonymous said…
2:59 - Give a person enough rope and he will hang himself. We look forward to the self-imposed lynching.
Anonymous said…
She is a cutie!
oops on the "s" word.
If in fact that is Bill N. typing the words.
I will say this about Bill N. he will listen to what you have to say, he will ask questions and then he is not afraid to ask the tough question (s) of why you feel one way and he may feel another. I think that is a great trait.
How do I know this: I would go and talk to the legislature about EMS bills for SD. He always listened then asked and/or answered questions.
Bill was not the only legislator i talked to and i talked to both sides of course. I could fill you in on which ones were the most attentive.

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