I think I have a champ for the season's worst brochure.

Admittedly, I haven't been exactly kind to much that Democratic Senator Jim Hundstad has done in this election to date.

So, why on earth should I start now?!? Straight from parts unknown somewhere around Bath, South Dakota is my pick for the worst election brochure of the season (so far)!

(Click on pictures to enlarge)
Well, I said color was the way everyone has been going this season. And that's with the bad as well as the good.

I hope he didn't pay someone to do this. As you'll look on the inside, we're got a background that looks like someone picked a random color effect and stuck a state seal in the middle.

One stong thing that people look for in political candidates is a factor I call termed as "Visionary Leadership." They're looking for someone to help make the future brighter and better. Having said that, the most policy driven notation on the inside of this brochure? "As a farmer from a century farm in the middle of District 2, I have been watching the crops fail in one part of the District, while other areas are still holding on."

Huh? (Way to get out there and watch Jim.) A few pictures, and zero visionary leadership. Bleaugh.

Then there's the other side.

The cover of the brochure is the uber-dork picture of Hundstad on a Segway. I think I mentioned long ago in reference to this picture. Don't. Good god. I'm a bit of a computer geek and I think that this ratchets up the geek factor far beyond what is touchable.

The background is slightly better (but not much). I'd fade the background on the front cover significantly, because if it was folded up, it would look like he's running for barber.

Once again he uses that picture of him with the Governor that does little more than inflame the Republican troops. Did it earn him any Republican votes? Not really. And it leaves some Dem's wondering where his picture is with Billion.

It did earn his opponent the personal attention of the Governor, who has appeared in ads for Brian Johnson with an endorsement as well as giving him a nice donation. I also heard the Gov went door-to-door or some other personal appearance today in the district with Brian.

So, did this brochure do anything to promote the candidate? Aside from promoting him as a dork, it did little else. No visionary leadership, and bad design.

Which pretty much sums up his overall legislative experience.


Anonymous said…
I have a candidate for the cycle's worst post card --

GOP paid hatchet job on Scott Hiedepriem...that's right, it's become a running joke on War College but the dolts at the SD GOP misspelled Heidepriem's name on their attack postcard.

An elderdly Republican women told me it looked like the National Enquirer and for the first time in her life she was going to vote Democrat.

Thanks Dave and Hugh!
Anonymous said…
I'm a repub, but I actually think this postcard is kinda cute, it's catchy and different. It doesn't say a lot substantively, but whose does?
PP said…
12:33, let's not start allegations of that nature. I'm deleting yours because while I might think Hundstad is arguably the worst legislator up there, I wouldn't want him accused of that.
Anonymous said…
Different. Reeeeally different. A match made in campaign heaven.
Anonymous said…
My choice for the season's worst postcard is the negative one that the Republican Party ran both against Elaine Roberts in Distict 9 and Bill Thompson in District 13 talking about keeping "under God" in the pledge of allegiance.

Problem is, the Republican Party doesn't know the Pledge. They are so worried about the words "under God" that they left out "indivisible".

Fine to protect the pledge. Better to know what the pledge is.

Maybe they left out indivisible because they actually are trying to divide us.
Anonymous said…
Your hatred and contempt for Democrats and Hunstad has been palpable for months. Tomorrow the election will be over. Get over it.
SaidTea said…
Without reading your commentary at the top and just looking at the brochure, I thought he was a Republican. And I've been Yellow-Dog-Democrat all my life.
Anonymous said…
I don't know what's more pathetic.
1) Looking desperate by trotting out the governor on one of the last days of the campaign (probably used the state plane to get there); or
2) the fact Brian Johnson still has door-to-door left to do.
Anonymous said…
ggoooooooo hunstadt !!!!!!!!

at least the majority in his district like him,,,,and tonite thats all that counts

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