Harbinger of things to come?

( ) NO 574 93 3 818
( ) YES 41 7 3 818
With three precincts in, Amendment E is getting it's butt kicked pretty handily.

93% - 7%


Anonymous said…
Please don't delete any Bonnie posts tonight!
Anonymous said…
Ding, dong, the witch is dead!
Haggs said…
Seeing the overwhelming majority of South Dakotans voting against Amendment E just makes me happy.

Isn't it funny how this is one of the few issues that has actually united Democrats and Republicans? It's nice to know that everyone can work together once in a while.
Anonymous said…
i hoped you would catch that...
Anonymous said…
Could we take up a collection for BS, Hanes, and Loaderlier for one way bus tickets to California? I'm sure there's room under Branson and Bonnie's rocks for these vermin.

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