website has disappeared....

The Amendment E website run by "11% Russell" (Bonnie Russell for those of you who haven't read down at all) at has now mysteriously disappeared.

It now serves as a bounce to, the website that "ol' 11%" uses to market her anti-judicial paranoia for money.


Tim said…
Didn't take long for her deep concern for South Dakotans and our justice system to disappear.
Anonymous said…
To put this into proper perspective, Ron Volesky nearly tripled the number of votes received by E.

He conceded before the polls closed. Has Bonnie conceded yet, or is she still trying to figure out what to do about the election irregularities?

Bonnie is as "off" as the Argus & KELO polls were on many issues. Well done, MSM!
mhs said…
294,747 NO votes. Way to go Tim and PP, your long, dedicated research over the past months exposed the lunacy behind the movement.

I have to believe that is the most votes every cast one way in state history. You think? Would be a fun research project for Chris Nelson.

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